Commercial Awnings & Shade Structures For Agriculture Industry

Anchor Industries has been a leading fabric and frame product solutions provider and offers a wide range of products for customers in the agriculture industry. We understand your needs and our experienced sales and service staff team is here to listen attentively to your needs to provide the best product solution for your needs.


In the agriculture industry, it is necessary to have storage shelters to keep their goods. This is especially important during harvest seasons as they will need a location to safely keep their produce from external elements, such as weather changes and so on. It’s important to keep the product well as the agricultural market is highly time sensitive. Most of the time, people in the agricultural industry do not have adequate storage space within the warehouse. Or it could be that their warehouse is highly inaccessible for them, and they may have to travel a long time. Across different produces, it will help to have the right kind of structure solutions made with the right material and size specifications to protect your precious produce. Whether it’s a temporal or permanent or semi-permanent time horizon, we offer a wide assortment of products for you. Whether it’s tents or shades or even awnings, the right tentage solution will be necessary for your business needs.


  • Tents
    We provide a wide range of tent products, depending on your preferences and business needs. For example, we have frame tents which serves as your go-to product for reliability and versatility. They are great for setting up on pavements or concrete. We also have track frame tents to provide an easy installation so you can focus on harvesting your product and leave the heavy lifting to us. It provides a weather-tight fit, smooth and stable solution to people in the agricultural industry.
  • Tent Accessories
    Our tent accessories are highly versatile in ensuring your tents are further enhanced to meet your agricultural business needs.
  • Shades
    Our shade structure provides the solution for people protecting themselves or their harvest from the sun with quality workmanship and in-house design and engineering.
  • Awnings
    For people in the agricultural industry who wants to maximize their outdoor space or attract people to their farms, having an awning that is retractable is a good choice. It’s highly aesthetic and boosts the architectural look of your farms. It also helps to cool down the area and is a brilliant solution to lower cooling costs. It also provides buffer from harmful UV rays from the sun and protect your produce and can be built across a huge area.
  • Clear Span Structures
    You can elevate your agricultural space by using our clean span structure. It provides heavy-duty weather protection compared to traditional tents and is ideal for keeping your harvest here.


Anchor Industries provides a wide range of tent solutions for your harvest, ensuring you can meet your business needs and protect your product during harvest time from different elements, such as the weather and so on.
If you have any questions about our tent products for the agriculture industry, feel free to contact us today..