Commercial Awnings & Shade Structures For Rental Industry

Anchor Industries specializes in providing the best tentage solutions. We provide the most optimal solutions for your business needs so that you can achieve your business goals. Whether you’re looking for awnings, shades, Toscana pergolas or tents, we have a wide catalog for you if you’re working in the rental industry.


The rental industry has many requirements, whether it’s shades or awnings. It’s necessary to have a dedicated sales and service team to meet your needs and ensure you find the best solution. As you might be renting spaces that require protection from harsh weather elements, such as the sun, it’s necessary to get the best shelter option that can also beautify your rental areas to make it look attractive. Read on to find out what we have to offer for the rental industry.


  • Tents
    Our wide catalog of tents is guaranteed to impress you. Whether you’re looking for pole tents or frame tents, you will not be left disappointed. We understand that the rental industry will need a variety of tents for their business needs, whether it’s offering tents for rental and so on. Our tents are highly durable and are made of the best fabric material to provide the best protection against harsh weather elements, such as the sun and so on.
  • Tent Accessories
    We have a wide range of tent accessories to meet your business needs. If you’re offering rental for tent accessories, you will be heartened to know that our tent accessories provide the best reinforcement for your tents.
  • Shades
    Some rental industries may have areas available for rental, but shelter may be needed. Fear not because Anchor Industries provide the best shade solutions for you. If you are looking to protect your guests from the hot sun and harmful UV rays, our shades provide a cooling place of respite for your guests. Beautifully designed, our shades are guaranteed to beautify your rental areas and attract people to visit. Whether you’re looking for permanent umbrellas or canopies, you are guaranteed to find the best product solution for your rental areas.
  • Awnings
    At Anchor Industries, our awnings provide protection for your windows, interior furnishings, art collections, entrances from the sun’s UV rays, which can be harmful. By protecting your rental areas from the sun, you can save energy too. Our awnings provide a beautiful addition to your outdoor rental spaces by promoting a comfortable environment.
  • Toscana Pergola
    Our Toscana pergola provide a retractable shelter option for your rental areas.
  • Clear Span Structures
    Our clear span structures provide an event hosting solution for you for your rental spaces. If you are looking for better weather protection, look no further because our product solutions will meet your needs.


People in the rental industry will know we have decades of experience providing the best product solutions. With great design and engineering, you will be heartened to know that our product solutions are nothing but the best.

If you have any questions about our tent products for the rental industry, feel free to contact us today.