Commercial Awnings & Shade Structures For Restaurants

Looking to add some al fresco dining space for your restaurant but not sure where to start? Holding an event to grow your customer base? During this time of pandemic, where eating outdoors is better than having a meal indoors, tents are becoming popular. At Anchor Industries, we have well-engineered tents, shelters, and products, that help meet customers’ expectations. All our products adhere to Anchor Performance Systems thus you can be sure that we deliver high-quality custom products at a reasonable price.


A restaurant is a business that prepares food and serving drinks to its customers. Generally, meals are served right where the restaurant is, and then those who ordered basically eat on the premises. Some other diners allow take-out and food delivery services, which are perfect for people who are always on the go and do not have time to cook meals at home.

Restaurants vary from one to another since they develop depending on the cuisines they offer, or what is demanded by their customers. There are highly expensive establishments as well as mid-priced family eateries. Fast food chains are also part of the growing number of these establishments.

The restaurant landscape has recently changed as an effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing restrictions have been imposed, and indoor capacities have been reduced to comply with that. Outdoor seating has become popular, and this trend demands putting up outdoor tents to welcome outdoor diners.


Here is a list of popular tents, shelters and products that are popular for restaurants:

  • Clear Span Tents. These are included in the most popular options for outdoor restaurant tents. These are basically created using strong aluminum frames, without the need for interior poles. These limit seating arrangements and have perfect spaces where restaurant staff can easily move about whenever taking orders and serving meals. These can be used in most terrains.
  • Frame Tents. These are also recommended to accommodate outdoor seating capacities for restaurants. They do not have interior poles that can obstruct movement of people inside the tented area. There are stakes which are placed at the frame’s base, which means that it can only accommodate smaller footprints. They can be constructed in between buildings or put up in largely enclosed outdoor spaces.


Choosing Anchor Industries will give your business the competitive edge over your peers. We value aesthetics and quality, that is why we combine them when making our products. We make it a point that our brands carry choices that tent users, event planners, restaurant owners, and other business establishments can make use of.

Each fabric for our tents and shelters are crafted in the hands of our workers, who has been with us for decades. Our century’s old legacy makes us everybody’s perfect partners for growing their business. With us, you can take your business to a higher level, not just in terms of profit, but in building long-term relationships with your own customers.

For more information about Anchor Industries™ products for restaurants, feel free to contact us today.