Commercial Mesh Pool Cover


Commercial Mesh Safety Pool Cover Features & Benefits:

  • Extra-wide 2” webbing and reinforcing vinyl where needed for durability
  • Laced cut-outs for water features
  • Cabling for raised obstructions
  • Unique sectional design with interlace seaming for mega-sized covers
  • Strongest web straps available
  • Cross webbing sewn underneath limits collection of debris on cover
  • Lighter weight than solid covers for easier maneuverability and storage
  • Stainless steel spring loaded tautness
  • D-rings for fast installation and removal
  • Limited 12-year warranty
  • Best customer service in the industry


Keep your profitable pool area attractive while reducing accidental entry, liability concerns, security costs and eliminating winter debris.

Commercial Safety Pool Covers can be made from Anchor Mesh or Defender Mesh fabric. Anchor manufacturers Commercial covers to fit any in-ground pool, regardless of shape or size. Designed to exact specifications, Anchor’s safety pool covers are preferred by municipalities, waterparks, hotels, country clubs and resorts all over the world. Special designs for water features, diving boards, slice, etc. are no problem for Anchor.

Anchor Industries is the only major manufacturer of safety pool cover to sew webbing on the bottom of mesh covers. This extra detail provides superior, supportive strength, and a flat, smooth, aesthetically pure surface to help keep debris from collecting on the cover in winter. We understand that debris removal can be increasingly difficult with larger covers, and by using under-webbing this task becomes much more manageable.

Many commercial covers require more time and craftsmanship for their unique designs and water features. At Anchor, our sales representatives take you step by step to create a custom cover that fits perfectly around all the unique features of your pool.

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