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Safety Pool Covers

Anchor Recalls 358 Safety Pool Covers

On March 10, 2016, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of Anchor Industry 358 Safety Pool Covers manufactured with brass-plated snap hooks between September and November, 2014. The brass-plated snap hooks that connect the cover cables to the wall can break, posing a drowning risk. Affected covers must be repaired. (Recall affects only 358 Safety Pools covers manufactured during the stated time period.) Consumers should immediately contact their pool cover dealer to schedule an inspection and replacement of the snap hooks. Click here for more information concerning this recall. 

From the moment you decided to purchase your very first in-ground pool, you made the choice to invest in your family's health, happiness and overall well-being. There's no denying the quality and luxury that comes with owning an in-ground pool and you were proud to be able to provide your loved ones with the opportunity to indulge in an exciting new lifestyle for many years to come. Now that your dream has become a reality, there is no time better than the present to invest in the protection and security of your family's new future.

Do you winterize with a Mesh Pool Cover? Do you prefer the consistently dependable protection of a Solid Pool Cover? Anchor Industries is proud to offer our customers the very best product lines for these different cover materials to suit your desires for style without sacrificing safety.

Anchor's "Tension-Secure" Classic and 5-Star Solid Safety Covers contain super strong fabrics that resist tears, rips, sun damage, and the effects of chlorine and sun damage.  These amazing pool covers even keep ALL sunlight out of the pool. This ensures that clean up in the spring will be incredibly easy and your pool area will be attractive all year long. Both are relatively easy to install and remove and both the classic pool cover and the 5-Star Solid safety pool cover come with a Limited 10-year warranty.

Mesh and Defender® Mesh Safety Covers are more light weight and a bit easier to maneuver than their solid counterparts. Defender® Mesh reduces chemical loss from the water and stops 98% of the sunlight from getting through and causing the growth of algae in your clean, chemically-treated and balanced chlorinated swimming pool water.