Clear Top Tent or Solid Roof – Choosing the Right Tent for the Occasion

With frame and tension tents, you can turn a beautiful location into the perfect event venue. If you run a tent rental service or manage events professionally, you’ll find clear top tents to be a popular request for weddings, corporate parties, trade shows, fashion shows, and more.

Clear top tents offer a unique aesthetic that can add beauty and magic to any event. Understanding the unique benefits, as well as the potential downsides, will help you to make the right decision no matter the occasion.

The Most Important Benefits of Clear Top Tents

There’s no question that clear top tents can provide exceptional beauty and a unique appeal for events. Whether it’s a starlit wedding, a trade show or product presentation, or even a small concert or theater production, your choice of the tent will make all the difference.

Clear tops provide several significant advantages that could be perfect for your upcoming event.

  • The most obvious advantage is the beauty that is offered. With a clear top, the sky becomes your canopy, which is particularly impressive for evening wedding receptions and high-end events. Clear top tents can also be used in the daytime, depending on the season. Clear, autumn, winter, and spring days could be perfect for a clear top, providing that you have enough ventilation.
  • Clear top tents are brighter inside, so your lighting needs will be reduced. This can reduce the overall event cost. If you offer tents for rental, you could make this a compelling sales point. If you use your tents for event hosting and management, then fewer lighting requirements will improve your bottom line.
  • Clear tops and sides can provide an impressive backdrop of interesting architecture or natural features. For example, an event hosted in a park or private garden could be set in a clear top tent where the trees and other features are in full view. A tent could even be positioned underneath or adjacent to large trees, offering a gorgeous canopy of leaves. Clear top tents also work great in urban environments, with tall buildings making for an impressive view within.
  • You’ll have more versatility to create an elegant interior when you use a tent with a clear top. You can add lighting features, hanging plants, and even shade sheets for a unique aesthetic. Hang fairy lights inside a clear top frame tent to really bring the atmosphere alive when the sun goes down.

In addition to these unique advantages, clear tops can come with all the usual benefits of frame, tension, and pole tents. To enjoy the inherent benefits of commercial tents, it’s important to choose a leading clear top tent supplier. Anchor Industries is the company to call if you demand quality and unmatched attention to detail.

Potential Downsides of Using Clear Top Tents

Clear Top TentWhile clear top tents are often the perfect solution for a standout event, there are some potential downsides that you will need to consider.

In the case that you offer tent rentals as a service, you should ensure that the potential downsides are clearly communicated to your customers. If you maintain a tent inventory for professional event management, then you’ll be able to use the following points to improve your decision-making process.

  • Clear top tents typically cost more to purchase. If you are in the rental business, then this could make the tents less attractive for your clients, despite the obvious aesthetic advantages. If you are considering buying a tent for your events company, then you’ll need to be aware of the increased procurement cost. In addition to clear top tents costing more than standard white tents, they don’t always last as long. This can be offset by higher rental fees/event management fees. But, ultimately, it will be your customers who decide whether the additional cost is worth it.
  • There’s also the issue of quality. Clear top tent manufacturers have vastly different quality standards and material specifications. It’s important that you work with a company that has a long history of engineering excellence. At Anchor Industries, we’ve been making tents for more than 100 years, and our heritage and expertise goes into every product that we design. Innovations in our construction methods and materials mean that our tents outperform the competition. Best of all, we keep our prices competitive, so you can invest in clear top tent solutions that provide a long return on investment.
  • Color is another consideration. Some clear top tents can degrade quickly, resulting in yellowed clear sections. This discoloration is most noticeable during the daytime, so it won’t be a major concern for evening events. Choosing a leading tent manufacturer like Anchor Industries will ensure that you avoid this problem.
  • Finally, you’ll also need to consider the temperature. During the summer, clear top tents can become uncomfortably hot during the daytime. You will need to ensure that you have adequate ventilation and maybe even portable air conditioning to keep guests comfortable. Shades can be hung in the tent during the daytime to reduce sunlight exposure.

These downsides should be kept in mind when you are considering a clear top. As with any tent, your choice of the manufacturer will be crucial. If you want a durable tent made using advanced materials and construction methods, Anchor Industries is the company to talk to.

Explore Our Complete Range of Commercial Clear Top Tents

At Anchor Industries, we create tents for events of all sizes. If it’s time to replace an older tent, or if you’re looking for your first clear top tent, we can help.

Our commitment to quality and innovation means you can have confidence in your investment. Browse our options today and find a commercial tent that helps you to grow your business.


Everything You Need to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

From finding the perfect location to choosing a company that rents clear top tents for weddings, there’s a lot to consider when planning an outdoor event.

Hosting your wedding outdoors can give you the perfect backdrop, with a picturesque setting that completes your theme. Of course, there are myriad things that can go wrong or be overlooked, so you need to make sure that your planning is comprehensive, right down to the smallest details.

Whether you work with a planner or decide to go DIY with your wedding, it helps to know some basic points to cover. Here are six things that you cannot ignore as you get ready for the big day.

1: Create a Focal Point

Every wedding needs a great focal point, and we aren’t just talking about the bride and groom. For the ceremony, the focal point will be the stage or altar, etc. For the reception, the focal point will usually fall upon the main table, or possibly the catering table and wedding cake.

If you are creating a specific theme for your wedding, make sure that you consider how this could tie into a focal point. Take a look at wedding blogs or even wedding videos from friends and family to get inspired.

2: Check the Venue Before You Commit

So, you think you’ve found the perfect location to host your outdoor wedding. It’s beautiful with the perfect balance of natural beauty, and maybe even a key architectural feature. Before you commit to the venue, make sure you visit it with your partner and ensure that it’s going to be suitable for your event.

What kind of amenities are offered on the site? Is there a power hookup or will you need to rent generators? Is the venue in an easy to find location, or will you need to provide detailed instructions to all of your invited guests?

Remember that a venue is not just about aesthetics. Convenience is important, too. Make sure that the venue looks great, and that it has space and amenities for all of your guests and any special additions that you want to bring to your celebration.

3: Get Your Lighting Right

Lighting is critically important. Unfortunately, it’s something that many DIY wedding planners overlook. If you will be hosting your ceremony during the day in the open air, then lighting probably won’t be a major concern. However, if you will have the reception within a tent, you will need some form of lighting for both atmosphere and guest safety.

Clear top tents for weddings can overcome many of the typical lighting challenges for a morning or afternoon wedding. Natural light will flow through the tent, reducing your reliance on artificial light. If your reception will extend into the evening, you will need to consider lights within your tent. There are countless options for hanging lights that can make your wedding feel magical. Fairy lights and bottle lights are popular for weddings set at an outdoor venue.

Certain tent designs, such as frame and pole tents, will even offer reliable mounting options for overhead lights and other decorative features.

4: Get Your Permits in Order

Most city and municipal park services will offer permits for weddings that are held on public grounds. This allows you to make use of beautiful picturesque locations for a nominal fee.

Of course, you can’t simply choose a location and then turn up on your big day. That could quickly get your wedding shut down and leave you in a serious legal predicament. Instead, ensure that you speak to the relevant local authorities to ensure that you have permits in order.

Ask specifically about what you can and can’t do on the property.

  • Can you set up clear top tents for your wedding reception?
  • Is it permitted to serve food and alcohol?
  • Where can guests park?
  • Do you need to take trash off-site or are there collection services available from the city?
  • What are the valid hours for your permit?

Be sure to read the fine print on any permit or agreement that you sign. It’s much better to ask too much rather than to make mistakes that could incur fines or additional charges.

5: Consider the Weather and How it Will Impact Guest Comfort

The weather could make or break your wedding celebration, especially if you haven’t planned for shelter. No matter what you do, always keep in mind that the weather forecast is never guaranteed. Even a light shower could throw all your planning out the window, inconveniencing your guests and potentially ruining table settings and any expensive equipment that you have hired.

Clear top tents for weddings are perfect when you want the outdoor feel but with shelter for all your guests. In warmer climates, you should consider cooling your tent with mobile air conditioners or evaporative coolers. At the very least, you’ll need fans placed strategically to ensure that there’s adequate ventilation.

6: Find a Local Company for Clear Top Tent Rentals

Open-air weddings might seem like a great idea until unpredicted weather comes rolling in to spoil your day. You can enjoy the beauty of your venue without compromising an open feeling by hiring clear top tents.

Look for a local supplier that offers clear top tents for weddings. A frame tent would be the best choice for mid and large-sized weddings. You’ll need to consider things like the cost, special terms, and the types of tents that are offered for rental. It’s important to work with a company that stocks models from the top manufacturers. If you insist on the highest quality and reliability, Anchor Industries tents will be your best bet for a stress-free day.

These six steps will help you to plan your wedding and the logistics surrounding it. Any extra effort you put in now will result in the best experience when your big day arrives.


Five Essentials to Think About When Planning a Corporate Event

From the venue to entertainment, the planning that goes into your corporate event will make all the difference between success and failure. Whether you are launching a new product or treating your staff to a night of dining and entertainment, every decision you make should be focused on enjoyment, convenience, comfort, and an unforgettable experience.

It doesn’t matter how big your company is, your corporate events should be used as an opportunity to strengthen your teams and your underlying brand. Everything from your clear top tent supplier to your choice of a caterer will make a difference.

Don’t go into your next event without a clear plan. Here are five things that you need to focus on for a successful day or evening.

1. Timing

The timing of your event is key. This includes the date you will host the event and the time you allow for planning and execution. Corporate events are best held in the holiday season, or mid-year during the warmer months. Try to plan your event around major holidays and avoid clashes with large sporting events or anything else that’s going on in your local community.

Some corporate events are planned months ahead of the big day. While there’s no strict rule surrounding how early you should start planning, it’s recommended that you have your clear top tent, catering, entertainment, and all rental services finalized at least eight weeks in advance.

2. Budget

Every aspect of your planning will be based largely around a budget. When you know exactly how much you have available to spend, you will be able to prioritize certain elements of your event.

Keep in mind the costs can fluctuate between planning and final billing. Try to confirm your larger costs well in advances, such as clear top tent rental, entertainment, catering, and equipment hire.

Expect your budget to go at least 10% over your original estimation. Keeping some extra money aside will ensure that nothing derails your event.

3. Venue

The venue is the single most important aspect of successful event planning. In addition to a physical location, you’ll also need to decide on an actual enclosure. A clear top tent supplier can offer you a solution that can be used at any physical location you have available. From parks and private estates to your own corporate grounds, hosting an event in a clear top tent can give you more flexibility than a traditional venue.

While you could hire a tent for your corporate event, it could actually make more sense to purchase clear top tents for future use. These can provide years of stress-free events for staff parties and trade shows.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment is one area where you can afford to be flexible and creative. The only real rule is that you should avoid inappropriate or controversial entertainment that could reflect poorly on your company and the management team.

Some great entertainment ideas for corporate events include:

  • A hypnotist or comedian.
  • Impersonators.
  • A magic show.
  • A cover band or local band.
  • A live game show that brings attendees up on stage for interaction.
  • A variety show or local stage production.

Don’t assume that you can simply hire a DJ and let guests take care of themselves. Having a fully planned entertainment spot will make your event unforgettable.

5. Catering

You could have the perfect clear top tent that provides plenty of space and a beautiful open environment. Entertainment could be sorted with a live band or even a stage show. Timing and budget could be planned to perfection.

If at this point, you fail to get the catering right, your whole event could fall flat.

Professional catering is a must when planning corporate events. You need to think about the time of day your event will be held, and whether you need to serve a full meal or snacks throughout the day. You could have a sit-down meal if your event leans towards formal, or, you could set up a buffet table, allowing attendees to serve themselves at mealtime.

Whatever you do, make sure that the food is impressive and suited to the season.

Think about drinks as well. Be sure to offer a selection of chilled bottled water, sodas, and light alcoholic beverages.

Strike One Point Off Your List with Anchor Industries Clear Top Tents

Investing in clear top tents for sale will provide you with a venue for your next event, as well as the freedom to plan future events without worrying about expensive rental contracts.

Anchor makes the highest quality commercial events that can be used for corporate staff events, trade shows, and expos, and you could even use clear top tents for pop-up retail spaces at fairs and sports events.

Planning is the most important element of a successful event. With the help of Anchor Industries, you’ll have one less thing to worry about at future corporate gatherings.


Cooling a Clear Top Tent Without Air Conditioning

While air conditioning can effectively cool a commercial clear top tent in even the warmest conditions, the cost of doing so can be prohibitive for some events. You don’t want your guests to be sweaty and uncomfortable, but you also want to get the best return on your investment while minimizing costs.

There are ways to cool your tent without using air conditioning, and some of them will cost almost nothing if you get your planning right.

Whether you use tents for weddings and private events, or larger trade shows and commercial events, these tips will help you to keep temperatures down.

Try to Avoid Asphalt and Paved Surfaces

Asphalt, concrete, and paving stones, etc. might seem ideal for setting up a clear top tent. These surfaces do provide an effective base for commercial event flooring, but they can also store heat and radiate it throughout the day and into the evening. If possible, set up your tent on soft turf.

Position Your Event Under Some Shade

Clear Top TentsClear top tents offer an expansive transparent canopy that is visually impressive during the day and even more so in the evenings. However, the very nature of these tents means that they can collect and store heat, almost like a greenhouse.

Your best defense against an uncomfortable tent is shade. Set up your tent beneath a canopy of trees or in the shadow of an idyllic building. Choose sites based on the shade that is available. If you are running a day event and don’t have access to shade, consider hanging ceiling drapes to block out as much UV radiation and heat as possible.

Focus on Circulation When Designing Your Layout

Layout and cooling are directly linked. If you design a tent layout that blocks ventilation and entryways, you’ll trap warm and moist air inside. Instead, try to design a tent layout that allows optimum airflow. Your main aisle should run along from the main door, allowing warm air to pass through and escape. Keep guest seating away from heat sources such as audio-visual equipment, cooking equipment, and lighting, etc.

It’s also important to use the right tent for the event. If you use a tent that’s small and overcrowded it will become almost impossible to maintain a comfortable interior.

Install Ceiling Fans in Your Clear Top Tents

Ceiling fans will be easy to install if you’re working with a stage-style mounting system in your clear top tent. A few ceiling fans placed along the centerline of a tent will keep air circulating throughout the day. Even if fans don’t cool the air, any form of movement will be more comfortable than a still, humid, and sticky commercial tent.

Use Freestanding Floor Fans

Floor fans are a necessity inside any clear top tent. They improve circulation while reducing overall temperature. Floor fans can also help to eliminate condensation that can develop without adequate ventilation.

Use high-quality commercial fans to enjoy the best performance and longest return on your investment. Look for units that incorporate sturdy frames or even full roll cages.

Don’t overlook safety when placing your floor fans. To prevent damage or injury, place floor fans away from aisles and high traffic areas.

Invest in an Evaporative Cooler

Clear Top TentsIf you host events in a dry climate you could purchase or rent evaporative coolers to keep guests comfortable.

These devices are more affordable to run than air conditioning units, making them ideal for improving your bottom line. Air conditioners recirculate the same air within a tent. Evaporative coolers bring in a steady stream of fresh air, while warm air is released through natural ventilation around doors and mesh sidewalls.

The energy you can save with an evaporative cooler is not trivial. Most high-efficiency units use just 25% of the power of an air conditioner.

The only downside is that you won’t be able to rely on evaporative cooling in humid environments. If this method doesn’t suit your event, simply follow the previous tips to improve comfort and reduce ambient air temperature.

Enjoy the Benefits of Clear Top Tents While Keeping Cool in the Summer

There are still a few good weeks of summer left in the United States. Events season is in full swing, so you’ll need to make sure that you can keep guests comfortable. Build the best brand image and make the right impression by cooling your Anchor Industries tent throughout the warmer months of the year.


Tent Hospitals for COVID-19

The need for tent hospitals has grown substantially since the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease in the United States. Anchor Industries has a wide range of clear span tents that can serve hospitals and healthcare facilities as they look for additional room for COVID-19 testing and treating patients with the disease.

Erecting a COVID-19 tent hospital in the parking lot of a hospital alleviates overcrowding and protects patients and hospital staff inside from being infected with COVID-19. Our tents can also serve as field hospitals for local governments and medical facilities. Field hospitals can be set up in parks or other open areas in large cities where room is minimal near local hospitals.

Anchor Industries has manufactured tents since 1892 and is one of the United States’ leading producers of tent structures, including a variety of models of clear span tents. Contact Anchor Industries at 877-788-1247 for more information about how our tents can provide additional hospital space for COVID-19 treatment.

Event Series Tents from Anchor Industries

If you’re looking for a highly durable tent that can be erected outside a hospital or health facility for several weeks or months, you could consider the Event Series. Manufactured using the highest quality aluminum and vinyl/fabric materials, the Event Series is durable. Widths are configurable from 10M up to 25M, while uprights are offered in standard 3M, 3.5M and 4M heights.

Expo Series Tents from Anchor and Röder

The expo series offers more space and customization options to hold a large number of patients and hospital staff. Standard widths are 20M and 30M. Our engineers have decades of collective experience, and we can design bespoke solutions to meet your medical needs.

The Expo Series can be fitted with glass windows and hard walls for long-term installation. You can expand vertically with a 2-story design that will give you more space over your standard footprint.

Solution Series Temporary Medical Structures Without Compromises

Does your hospital or medical facility need temporary structures for long-term installation? The Solution Series is a good choice for hospitals that need additional space for the foreseeable future.

These clear span structures are highly customizable and can be made to order. Standard widths range from 10M to 30M, and you can choose the perfect length to suit your needs on site.

Contact Anchor Industries about Our Selection of Tent Hospitals

Our clear span solutions go beyond the average frame tent. They’re sturdier, more visually impressive and they can be configured to meet your hospital’s needs. The highest quality components and materials will ensure a long return on your investment.

Trust the industry’s leading tent and temporary structure manufacturer. Contact Anchor Industries to learn more about how our products can help hospitals and medical facilities with additional space for testing and treating coronavirus patients.

From Clear Top Tents to Your Menu: How to Make a Wedding Unique

Every wedding has a ceremony, vows are sworn, and then it’s time for the reception…

clear top tentsThe format is classic and expected. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes less than memorable. The bride and groom will remember their special day forever. But, for the guests, a wedding needs to be something out of the ordinary for it to stand out.

Even a person with a relatively small group of friends and family will attend up to 10 weddings by the time they turn 35. This number can increase dramatically for people with a larger social group. With so many weddings in a lifetime, it’s unsurprising to learn that many people can’t even recall the specifics of the last five weddings they went to.

For a wedding that your guests will love, you’ll need to start with an innovative approach. From choosing clear top tents for weddings to using music wisely, these are the unique wedding tips that will elevate your special day above all others.

1: Plan a Surprise for the Reception

A surprise will completely break the expected flow of a wedding, making it immediately more memorable than any other event on the calendar.

Plan a guest entertainer such as a live band, comedian, or even a dance troupe. Make sure that the entertainment reflects your own personality, this will make it even more special on the day.

You can bring out the entertainment early in the reception to set the mood. Or, you could plan it towards the end to finish the event on a high note.

2: Make Engagement a Priority

Sure, a wedding is your special day, but that doesn’t mean that it should be all about you. Guest engagement is essential if you want people to walk away with memories that they’ll keep for a lifetime.

Plan games and activities that will get guests talking and having fun together. Musical chairs, the shoe game, and garter toss… these are just some of the examples that you could incorporate on the day. Keep things fun and lighthearted, especially if you will have kids attending your wedding.

Games will give people an opportunity to meet and bond. Remember, you’re bringing two unique families and social groups together. Games and other fun activities can relieve the tension and awkwardness that can come from putting hundreds of strangers in a room together.

3: Serve the Very Best Food Possible

clear top tentsA well-fed guest is a happy guest. But, quality should always come before quantity. People won’t forget your wedding if you serve food that is delectable and unique.

You could theme the food based on your family’s heritage and the regional delicacies of your ancestral nation. If you can’t find anything special in your history, you could choose a food theme that appeals to you and then chooses a specialist caterer.

Your choice of a caterer will be crucial. If you are offered set menus and inflexible conditions, then you need to find someone better to work with. Remember, you’re trying to avoid the ‘cookie-cutter’ experience.

In some cases, you may even want to source your own private chef who can bring in their own catering team and suppliers. You might pay a little more for a designer menu, but you can bet that it will be one of the best dining experiences that your guests have ever had.

4: Venue is Everything – Try Clear Top Tents for Weddings

Finally, let’s not forget where the wedding will be held. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to the perfect venue. Maybe you’ve found an idyllic outdoor location, but it lacks a suitable events hall. With clear top tents for weddings, you could turn any location into the perfect wedding venue.

A clear top tent will help your wedding to stand out during the wedding season. In the daytime, it will bring in extra light that keeps the setting open and airy. In the evening, a literal canopy of stars will appear above your guests.

For a magical evening, you can hire a temporary structure from a clear top tent supplier near you. If you want to learn more about how the best clear tents are made, you can visit Anchor Industries.

Plan a unique wedding and your special day will be cherished and remembered by everyone in attendance.


Why Are Temporary Clear Top Tents So Popular at Sports Events?

Clear top tents make for impressive outdoor events and are popular at weddings, festivals, and even outdoor food shows. Transparent tops allow for a beautiful canopy of trees or even a starlit night. These tents have even seen use at sports events for fan meet ups, catering, and a variety of other purposes.

Why is it that clear top tents have become so popular at modern sports events? Discover the reasons and make the right investment for your team, club, or business.

They Provide Protection from the Elements

All day sports events can take a toll on attendees and even the athletes that are competing. Having covered areas for protection against wind, rain, and sunshine is essential.

Clear top tents can be modular with clear sections and blackout shades that provide protection against harsh sunlight. Functionally, clear top tents are no different to solid tops, meaning that they provide the same level of protection against wind and rain. With the right tent, it would even be possible to air condition the interior, creating a relaxing space for teams or members of the public.

They Can Be Used for Fan Spaces That Increase Engagement

Clear Top TentsFan engagement is essential for sports teams at any level. From the minor leagues to the majors, fans are an integral part of every sport. To build a loyal community, clubs and sports teams should interact with the public. Clear top tents can be used for meet and greets, workshops, or simply as spaces where fans and athletes can come together to share their passion for sports.

Tents can also be used as presentation areas for awarding athletes at the end of an event.

If you are a sports team owner or even an events organizer, having clear top tents in your inventory will give you more flexibility at every sports field or athletic center.

They’re Perfect for Chill-Out Zones

All-day events can be tiring, leaving the public fatigued. For families and young children, it’s important that there are quiet and relaxing places available. Chill-out zones are becoming more popular in all types of events. Tents are perfectly suited for creating quiet places that provide rest and light refreshment.

Decorate the interior of clear top tents with couches, bean bags, or chairs and tables. The tent could then serve as a dedicated chill-out zone for tired fans, parents, or even athletes.

Clear top tents are protected from wind and rain, and they can even insulate against outside noise.

They Can Be Turned into Press Areas for Large Sports Events

Larger sports events will attract members of the press. If you want the best coverage for your event you will need to have excellent facilities. Clear top tents for sale can be used to create press conference and briefing areas. They could even be used for areas that are set up with tables where reporters can work quietly away from the public.

Reward members of the press for their commitment to your sport, your league, or your team. Create a functional and quiet working space with the highest quality commercial tents.

They’re Ideal for Entertainment and Catering

Clear Top Tent ManufacturerThe best sports events provide varied entertainment that often goes on far longer than the game or track/field event. Use clear top tents to host evening concerts that close sports events in style. Tents can also be used for exclusive catering, allowing for extra revenue generation that can be put back towards teams and athletic development.

Clear tents create a perfect setting for a temporary restaurant or concert venue. As twilight comes, clear tops will look amazing with the starlight above.

Looking for a Reliable Clear Top Tent Manufacturer?

You’ve learned how useful these tents are for sports events and why they’re so popular. Now it’s time to experience the benefits first hand.

You’ll get more value from a high quality clear top tent that is designed to last for years of frequent use. Anchor is a leading tent and shade product manufacturer with more than a century of experience in the business. Expertly engineered products and the finest materials ensure a long return on your investment.

Whether you’re looking for a clear top tent supplier for sports events, or need tents for any other scenario, we can deliver outstanding solutions. Explore our complete range today and enjoy the versatility and practicality that Anchor tents provide.


Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) Clear Top Tents for Weddings and Special Events

For an event that will impress, nothing comes close to a clear top tent. Pick the ideal location and a clear top temporary structure can become the perfect venue. With abundant natural light, your tent interior will feel larger, more welcoming, and much more sophisticated.

In the past, frame tents were labor-intensive to install and lacking in user-friendly features. At Anchor Industries, we’ve solved the problem with our highly versatile Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) system. This is hands down the easiest way to incorporate a sturdy clear top frame tent into your next booking.

What is the Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) System for Clear Top Tents?

We designed the Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) system to streamline the installation and teardown process. Using this system, you can install modular wall and roofing panels that slide through precision-engineered channeled beams. The result is a smooth aesthetic that is weathertight and compliant with ASCE 7-02 temporary building codes. Installing a Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) clear top tent is faster than a conventional frame tent and requires less manpower.

Customization options are extensive. Our standard widths include 30’, 40,’ and 50’ sections. Mid panels are available in 10’, 15’, and 20’ sizes. The modular nature of the system allows you to create interiors of all sizes. You can connect frame tents together with marquee walkways or add pavilions according to your needs.

For events large and small, you’ll enjoy the modularity, outstanding construction and material quality, and unrivaled aesthetics. In addition, by choosing clear top tent panels, you can turn any event into something truly special.

The Benefits of Clear Canopy Frame Tents for High-End Events

Your clients may have considered hosting an open-air event, but practicality will always be sacrificed when there’s no temporary structure. No matter how much planning goes into an event, there’s always the risk of something going wrong.

Weather is the most important consideration to make, and the biggest risk. Even with a forecast for clear skies, the odd shower or even a longer downpour could quickly turn a meticulously planned event into a complete disaster. A clear top tent will allow for the feel of an open-air environment while also providing all the benefits of a fully secured and versatile structure.

The advantages you get from frame tents should not be overlooked:

  • Frame tents can be modified with extensive mounting solutions for decorations.
  • You can mount speakers, lighting, fans, and even cameras to frame mounting systems.
  • Frame tents can be installed on any leveled surface, whether that’s an open field, a paved area, or even concrete. There’s no need for staking which reduces the overall footprint of each tent used.
  • Frame tents using the Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) system are fully tensioned and resistant to both wind and water.
  • Modern frame tents are easier and faster to setup. This keeps costs down and increases your return on investment.
  • Window options allow you to select the perfect aesthetic for the event. Clear, mesh, cathedral windows, or even French windows could elevate your next event.
  • The Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) frame system is compatible with clear roof panels that open the environment, bringing in more light and creating a beautiful starry backdrop for evening events.
  • You can order modular sections to make a tent as large or as small as it needs to be on the day. This kind of versatility means you’ll never have to turn a customer down.
  • Frame tents are suitable for high-end flooring installations that would be difficult to achieve in a standard pole tent.

Combining a frame tent design with a clear top will give you the most impressive venue for any event.

Explore Your Options with America’s Most Trusted Tent Manufacturer

Anchor Industries sets the bar for innovative clear top tent solutions, including our Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) system and other industry leading designs. With more than a century of history behind our company, we know how to create the structures that are used for standout events like weddings, concerts, trade shows, and more.

The Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) system is just one of your options when considering clear top tents. Explore the complete range of Anchor products and look forward to the highest quality commercial solutions that are designed to last.


A Romantic Wedding Party in a Clear Top Tent

Glittering fairy lights cascade overhead. Beyond them, the stars themselves sparkle through transparent roofing panels. The guests are mesmerized by the setting, the preparation, and the entire event.

What we’re talking about here is a wedding that’s memorable and filled with beauty – just as it should be. With clear top tents, it’s possible to elevate any wedding party and ceremony to a standard that is not usually possible with regular frame tents. Clear tops remove the separation between guests and nature. On a cloudless day, the unobstructed view could open to a canopy of green leaves and blue sky. In the evening, clear top tents take on a truly magical aesthetic.

For unforgettable weddings, it’s hard to find a more fitting solution.

Versatile Clear Top Tents with Unobstructed Interiors

Clear Top TentsClear tops are perfectly suited to installation on frame tents, offering wide open interiors that can facilitate weddings of all sizes.

Open air weddings are a dream of many brides and grooms, but the issue of practicality always comes into play. No matter how much planning goes into a wedding, there always the risk of inclement weather. Clear top tents allow for the look and feel of open-air weddings with all the convenience and peace of mind that comes from a roofed structure. Sunlight streams in during the day, and in the evening the canopy of stars opens above. Guests remain dry and comfortable regardless of the conditions, and the bride and groom will have one less thing to worry about.

Clear top frame tents also offer space that is unparalleled by any other tent. By eliminating center poles, the wedding party area is fully opened to create any kind of floor plan that can be imagined. Seats for a ceremony, a wedding reception, a bar, and even a dance floor could all be contained within clear top tents. For rental companies and events planners, these tents could increase business and customer satisfaction.

There are no downsides to clear top tents. Transparent tent materials are just as durable as their opaque counterparts. Tents can be set up in the same way as standard frame tents. And, with solutions from a leading manufacturer like Anchor Incorporated, it’s possible to gain all the benefits of industry leading designs.

The Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) System for Clear Top Tents

One way that Anchor tents innovate is through the use of the Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) frame system. This is a robust solution that allows a high return on investment and improved convenience and practicality. Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) is a modular system that allows for roof panels to be quickly inserted into a large frame. The time to assemble is much lower than a standard frame tent, which can reduce operational costs.

The fit is perfect and offers maximum stability with a weathertight seal – perfect for weddings and other high-end events.

Because the Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) system is modular, it makes it possible to add new rooms and features to a standard frame tent design. Entryways, bars and catering areas, and even verandas can be quickly added to a modular frame. This makes owning a clear top tent a much more versatile and profitable investment. Tents can be repurposed for any event, whether it’s a wedding, corporate party, or even a commercial entertainment event.

Clear top tents with Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) can also be customized with heavy-duty mounting solutions to add lighting, decorative elements like plants and banners, speakers, or anything else that is required.

Combining transparent tent panels with the Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) system is just one of the ways that Anchor Industries provides class-leading solutions.

The Perfect Investment for Competitive Tent Rental

Any business that offers rental tents will find intense competition in the public market. Having unique features could attract more customers and ensure repeat business. The romance and beauty offered by clear top tents will give any rental company an advantage over the competition.

Anchor Industries is a leading clear top tent supplier, ready to provide you with the modular solutions that you need to grow your business. Our clear top Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) tents are available in standard widths up to 50’, and unlimited lengths to suit your needs. Contact us today to discuss customization options and place your order.


Making Clear Top Tents Shine for Your Next Event

The best events managers and wedding planners know that the quality of their tents can influence their success.

Choose a tent that doesn’t fit the location, the wedding party and the guests, and things just won’t come together. Choose the perfect tent, and all the smaller details can become so much easier.

Tents are just as important as catering, music, lighting, and everything else that goes into making an event special. Perhaps this is why so many planners now work almost exclusively with clear top tents for weddings.

There’s something very special and unique about using a clear top tent. It can bring a seamless connection between the event and the surroundings. Expansive outdoor properties are brought to life with clear top tents.

Clear tops are also ideal for events that will run into the night, providing a backdrop of a starry sky that will mesmerize every guest.

When planning a wedding or any similar high-profile event, knowing how to get the most out of a clear top tent will be essential.

Simple Decorating Tips to Make a Clear Top Tent Look Even Better

1) Use Trees and Lanterns for Lighting

Clear Top TentClear top tents help to create a seamless transition between the tent interior and exterior. You can take things a step further by incorporating living plants with hanging lanterns for evening lighting. Potted trees like young birch trees make for great interior decorations. Hang lanterns from branches for a magical look and feel. For an even better effect, include natural timber guest furniture and matching table arrangements.

2) Combine Bulbs with Hanging Greenery

Perhaps bringing young trees inside isn’t an option for the event or the location. Another way to bring a beautiful natural look to a clear top tent is with the use of hanging greenery and naked hanging lightbulbs. Designer bulbs look wonderful with hanging vines and other floral displays. Clear span tents will give you plenty of space and modular mounting options for hanging features.

3) Light Up the Canopy

Worried about an overcast night taking the splendor away from your clear top tent? If nature isn’t going to put on a show, then create your own with fairy lights or a hanging sea of orb candles or lanterns. You could create a canopy of stars which will look great against the backdrop of a dark night’s sky. This is a fantastic way to make clear top tents for weddings really stand out. After all, what point is having a clear top tent if you don’t draw attention to it?

4) Choose a Location That Accentuates the Ceiling

Clear top tents will offer very little in the way of shade during the day. You could use modular shades if you need to, or, you could choose to position the tent somewhere that creates some real impact. In the shade of an impressive manor house, or under the canopy of some mature trees – positioning is everything.

5) Keep Things Bright and Reflective

No matter what you do in terms of decoration, be sure to keep things bright and reflective. Natural greens and earth tones work perfectly under a clear top tent. White tables and flooring can accentuate the atmosphere of a clear canopy. Reflective table settings that utilize gold, bronze, and silver will shine in the afternoon light and well into the evening.

Need Durable Tents for Your Inventory? Talk to a Clear Top Tent Manufacturer

clear top tents for weddingsOf course, to utilize any of these tips or even your own concepts, you’ll need high quality clear top tents to start with. Anchor Inc. can offer clear top tents for sale, designed and engineered to exacting specifications. With more than a century of experience in making the highest quality tents and canopies, we’re the perfect company to provide your inventory.

Whether you offer tents for hire or manage events from end to end, having a trusted clear top tent supplier will mean you always have the right equipment to impress your clients.

From our popular F3 Frame Tent to Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) flexible systems, you can find the perfect solution for your needs and your budget. Explore our complete range of tents today and order in confidence from a top American manufacturer.