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Pergolas are an excellent addition to backyards and patio areas, adding charm and aesthetic value to the appearance of any home. In addition to improving the appearance of your yard, they also protect against natural forces such as wind, sun, and rain. They are made up of parallel columns with an open roof, which may include intricate latticework, rafters, or a delicate trellis. 

A pergola can become a beautiful centerpiece for your outdoor area if properly decorated, where you can lounge during the day and unwind with friends and family at night. Here are some ways in which you can decorate home pergolas. 

Choose the Right Lighting

During the day, your pergola receives abundant sunlight, making it the ideal suntrap for lounging. However, if you want this relaxed atmosphere to last into the night, the right lighting is essential. This is especially true if you intend to host small gatherings or invite guests for a drink or two. 

Soft and subtle lighting can create a cozy atmosphere for your pergola while also providing enough illumination for you to perform your hosting duties. Choose delicate outdoor string lights or fairy lights to intertwine with the pergola roof. For a dreamier effect, opt for rustic-chic Edison lights or pendant lights. Consider adding small lanterns or candles (electrical if you’re concerned about fire hazards) to the pergola floor to make the space more inviting.

Add Planters for Charm

Inviting your garden into your pergola space is a timeless idea that adds a quaint, farmhouse-style feel to it. The great thing about pergolas is that their open roof and rafters make it quite easy to introduce planters into your outdoor space. The direct sunlight also allows them to bloom freely, effortlessly enhancing the appearance of your pergola once planted.

Transform your pergola into a welcoming floral space by hanging potted planters or floral baskets from the pergola’s lattice. Alternatively, you could add some climbing vines to make a lovely trellis and let nature take its course. You’ll soon have a fast-flourishing vine wrapped around your roof, creating a stunning interplay of light and shade in the space. For the best effect, choose flowers that thrive in direct sunlight, such as morning glory or bougainvillea.

Pick Stylish Yet Comfortable Furniture

Many people prefer to keep pergolas only as decorative accents. However, if you want to use it as a seating space, you must choose the right type of furniture. Given the space’s inherent charm and aesthetics, wicker-style furniture can be an excellent addition. Synthetic wicker, in particular, lends it a rustic appearance while also being resistant to sun and moisture. You can also choose something more natural, such as rattan, which is both sturdy and sustainable. Classic teak furniture is also a great outdoor component due to its timeless appeal.

Add Curtains for Privacy

While a pergola’s alfresco feature is one of its advantages, it may not provide complete privacy. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your pergola hidden from prying eyes. 

For added privacy, wrap decorative grommet curtains or flowy cotton sheets around the pergola’s beams. Pair them with fairy lights to make the space seem more inviting. During the warmer months, they can also block the sun and keep pesky bugs at bay. 

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