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If you have a home spa, you’ve most likely had to deal with regular cleaning, maintenance, and overall upkeep to ensure its longevity. But what if there was a simple yet effective way to cut down on the time spent on this? This is where spa pool covers come in handy. Spa pool covers are designed to fit perfectly over your pool or hot tub, sealing any airways or gaps and protecting it from external elements that could cause harm, ultimately extending the lifespan of your spa. When you are not using the pool for an extended period of time, such as during the winter or while on vacation, a spa cover is the ideal maintenance solution. Still not convinced? Continue reading to find out why spa covers are necessary.

Keeps the Dirt Out

Homeowners spend a large amount of time fishing out debris, dirt particles, dried leaves, and stray bugs or insects from their spas. Every day, several natural particles settle on the patio and the spa surface and find their way into your filters. This is especially true during inclement weather when rain and wind can bring in a variety of dirt from the surrounding area. While you can’t control the elements of nature, you can certainly control whether or not this stuff ends up in your pool or hot tub. Spa covers keep these unwanted objects out of your pool and filters, lowering pool cleaning costs and efforts.

Ensures Safety

An open pool or hot tub can be a risk, especially if you have children or pets at home. Patios are also prone to being wet and slippery, especially during inclement weather, and can result in slip-and-fall accidents. Furthermore, it is impossible to constantly monitor your spa area. Using a spa cover is the best way to avoid such dangers and accidents. Rather than using makeshift tarp covers, invest in a high-quality pool cover with safety straps to lock and secure the cover to the pool. This gives you some control in preventing unnecessary accidents and keeps young’uns and pets out of danger’s way.

Saves Money and Energy

By leaving a pool or hot tub open, you risk losing valuable heat by allowing cold air and precipitation to enter. Water evaporation is also a problem in open spas. All of this drives up electrical costs by causing your spa’s temperature regulation system to work overtime. A spa pool cover, on the other hand, appears to be an expensive investment at first glance but is quite cost-effective in the long run. By sealing the top of your spa, you can keep insulation safely trapped inside while also preventing water evaporation. The result? Low energy bills and increased monthly savings.

Extends Your Spa’s Lifespan

A solid spa cover can last anywhere between three to five years, so imagine the wonders it can do for your spa. Spa covers keep your spa clean and in good shape for a long time by reducing re-heating costs, water evaporation, and regulating chemical levels. Your spa will show significantly fewer signs of daily wear and tear with a good spa cover by its side, and require fewer repairs and upkeep through the years.

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