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If you have any interest in home interior design, you’ve probably heard of the term “outdoor living space” taking over the community. There is a massive added value in creating an outdoor living space, and this is an idea that most homes can get behind easily. The notion that “interior design elements” are to stay indoors and that “exterior design elements” are to stay outdoors can take a backseat as we discuss chic ideas to entirely transform your outdoor living space, and how awning for patios can help with that.

A patio awning expands out over an exterior living space to offer shelter so that your cookout activities when friends and families come over are not interrupted in case of wet weather conditions. It can also prevent the summer sun from baking the interior of your house as well as provide added privacy. Whichever style you like, a bonus to adding an awning for patios includes less work for your air conditioner as well as lower energy bills.

Fixed Patio Awning

Awning for patios doesn’t have to be complicated. If you like the idea of a solid roof-like awning overhead, fixed patio awnings can provide UV protection while still allowing maximum light to shine through. Fixed patio awnings don’t require much maintenance as well. Once they’re in place, a homeowner will be able to keep them there for decades with weekly rinsing.

Motorized Patio Awning

Motorized patio awnings are typically made up of aluminum that can be retracted when not in use. Many of these come assembled, so all you have to do is install it on your wall and watch as it works its magic for you. These allow homeowners to have maximum light exposure inside their houses on overcast, cloudy, or rainy days. On a hot day, extending your awning for patios can keep the UV rays, glare, and sun out of your home, helping you reduce cooling costs when you take advantage of the heat provided naturally. Typically, the pitch or angle can be adjusted as well for the best sun protection or a better view of the outdoors.

Sunshade Patio Awning

If you’re looking for an affordable method to stay out of the sun, a sunshade awning for patios is ideal for your home. On top of being low cost due to their simplicity, they are also easy to install.

Pergola Patio Awning

If you have a pergola over your patio, installing an awning can offer extra privacy and shade. It does more than a standard pergola and can also come retractable. You’ll delight in being able to enjoy your patio even more knowing you’ll be shielded from the harsh sun or rainy weather.

Why Choose Anchor Industries?

We carry a wide range of residential awnings to complete your outdoor patio space, enhance your property value, or protect your windows. Anchor Industries have been enhancing the beauty and functionality of homes and business since 1892, pioneering numerous industry-changing innovations. 

If you have any inquiries about our range of products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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