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Whether you’re a homebuyer, homeowner, architect, or designer, the term “outdoor living space” likely surfaces a lot. What started as a buzzworthy bonus feature in a home has rapidly grown to become a fundamental factor and major selling point in determining the value of a home. If you’re wondering whether adding outdoor structures can add value to your home, the short answer is a yes! Here, we discuss how adding a retractable pergola specifically can do the job.

Retractable Pergolas Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Home

A well-maintained outdoor space is expected to be a huge draw for potential buyers. Installing a retractable pergola will not only be a fantastic and welcoming setting for al fresco dining, but it is also likely to become a distinctive feature in your neighborhood. With a wide range of color options and styles to choose from, you can effortlessly match your outdoor living space to the overall color palette of your home. It’s so easy to seamlessly blend a retractable pergola with the existing architectural structure today. When you enhance the aesthetics of your home, potential buyers will be able to visualize how they can use your space in the future for maximum enjoyment. 

Retractable Pergolas Help Homeowners Stay Environmentally-Friendly

Not many people wish to stay inside their homes all day long. For those who enjoy relaxing with your friend and family members outdoors, having a retractable pergola can benefit you a lot. In the event its rains or when it gets a little too sunny, all you have to do is activate your retractable pergola for shade. This can also minimize your need for air conditioning as it helps to keep the interior of your home cooler in the summer, and you can save on electrical bills. 

Retractable Pergolas Protect Décor, Furniture, and Skin

Along with a retractable pergola making your space feel more welcoming to you and guests, it also helps in protecting your skin, outdoor décor, and furniture from ultraviolet rays that can cause serious damage in the long run. You get to use your furniture for longer, shield yourself from the harmful rays of the summer sun and feel extra comfortable when you choose to relax under a retractable pergola. Overall, retractable pergolas add aesthetic appeal, along with energy-saving benefits and functionality, and these can increase the value of your property. This means homebuyers and tenants will likely find your space more appealing as compared to homes without pergolas if you ever decide to sell or rent down the road.

Why Choose Anchor Industries?

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