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From the venue to entertainment, the planning that goes into your corporate event will make all the difference between success and failure. Whether you are launching a new product or treating your staff to a night of dining and entertainment, every decision you make should be focused on enjoyment, convenience, comfort, and an unforgettable experience.

It doesn’t matter how big your company is, your corporate events should be used as an opportunity to strengthen your teams and your underlying brand. Everything from your clear top tent supplier to your choice of a caterer will make a difference.

Don’t go into your next event without a clear plan. Here are five things that you need to focus on for a successful day or evening.

1. Timing

The timing of your event is key. This includes the date you will host the event and the time you allow for planning and execution. Corporate events are best held in the holiday season, or mid-year during the warmer months. Try to plan your event around major holidays and avoid clashes with large sporting events or anything else that’s going on in your local community.

Some corporate events are planned months ahead of the big day. While there’s no strict rule surrounding how early you should start planning, it’s recommended that you have your clear top tent, catering, entertainment, and all rental services finalized at least eight weeks in advance.

2. Budget

Every aspect of your planning will be based largely around a budget. When you know exactly how much you have available to spend, you will be able to prioritize certain elements of your event.

Keep in mind the costs can fluctuate between planning and final billing. Try to confirm your larger costs well in advances, such as clear top tent rental, entertainment, catering, and equipment hire.

Expect your budget to go at least 10% over your original estimation. Keeping some extra money aside will ensure that nothing derails your event.

3. Venue

The venue is the single most important aspect of successful event planning. In addition to a physical location, you’ll also need to decide on an actual enclosure. A clear top tent supplier can offer you a solution that can be used at any physical location you have available. From parks and private estates to your own corporate grounds, hosting an event in a clear top tent can give you more flexibility than a traditional venue.

While you could hire a tent for your corporate event, it could actually make more sense to purchase clear top tents for future use. These can provide years of stress-free events for staff parties and trade shows.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment is one area where you can afford to be flexible and creative. The only real rule is that you should avoid inappropriate or controversial entertainment that could reflect poorly on your company and the management team.

Some great entertainment ideas for corporate events include:

  • A hypnotist or comedian.
  • Impersonators.
  • A magic show.
  • A cover band or local band.
  • A live game show that brings attendees up on stage for interaction.
  • A variety show or local stage production.

Don’t assume that you can simply hire a DJ and let guests take care of themselves. Having a fully planned entertainment spot will make your event unforgettable.

5. Catering

You could have the perfect clear top tent that provides plenty of space and a beautiful open environment. Entertainment could be sorted with a live band or even a stage show. Timing and budget could be planned to perfection.

If at this point, you fail to get the catering right, your whole event could fall flat.

Professional catering is a must when planning corporate events. You need to think about the time of day your event will be held, and whether you need to serve a full meal or snacks throughout the day. You could have a sit-down meal if your event leans towards formal, or, you could set up a buffet table, allowing attendees to serve themselves at mealtime.

Whatever you do, make sure that the food is impressive and suited to the season.

Think about drinks as well. Be sure to offer a selection of chilled bottled water, sodas, and light alcoholic beverages.

Strike One Point Off Your List with Anchor Industries Clear Top Tents

Investing in clear top tents for sale will provide you with a venue for your next event, as well as the freedom to plan future events without worrying about expensive rental contracts.

Anchor makes the highest quality commercial events that can be used for corporate staff events, trade shows, and expos, and you could even use clear top tents for pop-up retail spaces at fairs and sports events.

Planning is the most important element of a successful event. With the help of Anchor Industries, you’ll have one less thing to worry about at future corporate gatherings.

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