Funbrella® Shade Structures

FUNbrella® Shark


Anchor’s FUNbrellas are giant, permanent umbrellas constructed as unique alternatives to pavilions and gazebos. Designed for use in areas where natural shade isn’t available, these permanent structures include tough aluminum and painted steel frames, plus a rainbow of available color and fabric options in acrylics and breathable mesh tops.

FUNbrella® shade structures were originally conceived for use around commercial pools where chemicals, water, and sun are abundant. These permanent shade structures are durable, easy to maintain and great for providing protection from the sun, without diminishing the outdoor experience at pools, water parks, playgrounds, resorts, and other recreational areas.

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How It's Made Matters


FUNbrella® Classic


The FUNbrella Classic is a giant, permanent umbrella shade structure designed to stand up to the elements. Durable, retractable and easy to maintain, FUNbrella Classic serves a multitude of purposes beautifully. This FUNbrella style is available in 12′ and 20′ models to fit everyone’s needs.

The FUNbrella Classic frame has a 4” diameter aluminum center pole featuring internal winch and cables, plus a standard one-piece ground sleeve. Bows and braces are made of white powder steel tubing.

FUNbrella® Palm


The FUNbrella Palm is constructed of a high-density polyethylene base material. This giant, non-retractable 20′ permanent umbrella is perfect for public areas such as parks, pools, schools and other locations where meeting structural codes is a necessity.

The FUNbrella Palm frame has a 4.75” diameter aluminum center pole compatible with the standard FUNbrella ground sleeve. Rafters and braces are made of sturdy aluminum for long-term durability.

FUNbrella® Shark


The catenary-style FUNbrella Shark top offers a clean, tight, contemporary appearance using the same framework as the Classic FUNbrella. Once you have the standard framing, give spaces a complete makeover season to season by switching tops. You can go with FUNbrella Shark now – and change to FUNbrella Classic next season!

Like our FUNbrella Classic, the FUNbrella Shark frame has a 4″ diameter aluminum center pole and standard one-piece ground sleeve with winch and cables enclosed. Bows and braces are white powder steel tubing.