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From 1892, Anchor Industries has been providing landscape and park designers with commercial shade structures – and their corresponding covers – against  harsh weather elements.

Our commercial shade canopies are the ideal choice for providing protection from harmful UV rays.

Our shades are not only functional but are also designed with aesthetics in mind. Our portfolio of shade structures include:


  • Shade StructuresKiosks
  • Concession stands


  • Carports
  • Bus stops
  • Sidewalk covers

Landscape and parks

  • Picnic shelters
  • Dugouts
  • Gazebos
  • Park pavilions
  • Playground shelters

Athletic facilities

School facilities

This portfolio is by no means limited to the above list because we can also create custom products as per your wishes.

Let us look at some common commercial shade structure uses:

Car lots

Commercial shades are incredibly important to car lots this includes large outdoor parking areas, personal parking spaces, and car dealerships. Shades provide much-needed protection for the car’s exterior. The paint of the car needs to be protected against excessive exposure to UV rays which would lead to dulling of the finish.

The shade also protects the vehicle’s exterior from unexpected harsh weather conditions like hail. Hail would definitely cause mayhem to the bodywork.

Outdoor children play areas

Providing shades to protect children in outdoor areas is a mandatory safety requirement. Overexposure to the sun leads to sunburns and in more severe cases might result in heat exhaustion.

Outdoor dining spaces

Shade structures provide businesses with extended dining spaces outside the main premises. Some clientele prefer this outdoor eating experience and secondly, outdoor dining serves as a marketing campaign for passing by prospective clientele.

Shade Structures

Common areas for the hospitality industry

Shade structures provide a cool environment for areas around the swimming pool and dining areas. They serve not only to provide comfort and style but also give a luxurious feel to swimming pools in hotels and resorts.

Outdoor sport events

Shade structures play an important role in creating a cool environment in which outdoor sports can take place. They are important to safeguard the players from suffering from severe heat exposure.

Outdoor relaxation and leisure

Gazebos provide a nice place to relax outdoors. They are a great venue to hang out with friends and family because they come with seating and a cover from the vagaries of weather.

Commercial shade sails

Shade sails consist of fabric that is tethered to posts which are then secured to the ground. Shade sails are categorized according to the number of points they are tethered to.

A four-point shade sail would consist of a fabric tethered to four posts. The aesthetics of these arrangements can be varied. We can incorporate a mix of tall and short posts, which would make the fabric to make a custom shape.

Commercial shade sails can be used in a variety of applications like playgrounds, outdoor seating, parking lots, swimming pools, parks and recreational areas, common outdoor areas.

Anchor Inc. has a lot of commercial shade options like a shade sail that we would be happy to discuss with you!

Our shades can be made to your specifications. We offer you a good selection when it comes to size, shape and color.

The fabric from which our shades are made let in enough light without creating shadows.

The shade fabric also comes in different varieties. There are fabrics that are optimized to limit exposure to UV rays. There are fabrics that are optimized for cooling. They are also fabrics optimized to prevent rain from coming through.

Anchor Inc. shade solutions are built with quality and durability in mind. Our fabrics can withstand multiple installation and uninstallation cycles without tearing. With this in mind, we can assure you that they are indeed a great investment.

Our doors are always open just contact us if you need any help in the selection of commercial shade products!

Tips on how to select your shade solution

  • Get the dimensions of the coverage area and avail it at your point of purchase.
  • Determine if you want a mobile or fixed shade option
  • Determine how much you have budgeted for
  • Determine what the circumstance of the shade use will be, is it for a pool cover, a car lot etc.

Finally, you don’t have to do all the planning and installing yourself. Here at Anchor Inc., our sales representatives are on hand to guide you.

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