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A Proper Winter Pool Cover Can Prevent Drowning In Sorrows

Few ever consider or, are even aware of, what can happen in or around a pool in winter. In some places, the downtime is better described as the “off-season”. Not every area has a true winter season, and by not covering your pool after the active season has passed can create risks that are often overlooked.

At Anchor Inc. it is our business to know all things pool covers.  We are positioned to help each property owner or manager with a pool equip themselves with the most appropriate solution for the circumstance.

Inadequate pool cover measurements can have any number of undesirable and risky consequences. Yard debris can make its way into the water if the cover configuration is weak. Wildlife can make its way into the water. A disobedient child or teen can find his or her way to a pool, or even a property gardener or some other employee can accidentally take a tumble into the pool.

Swimming Pool Safety CoversEven if the person knows how to swim, cuts and scratches in the skin, never mind unintentional swallows of the water, can create health issues for a person. Not only that, bad water can put workers at risk in the spring when the pool is uncovered, and critters have taken residence in the dirty water.

Even if the pool cover configuration manages to avoid water contamination as just described, an area given to severe weather and storms can mean a cover ripped right at the seams and rendered useless because it was not well done. Anchor Industries has witnessed  poorly placed pool covers rolled up by the wind like the lid of a tin and blown away from the pool.  There are no guarantees against hurricanes and twisters or simple severe thunder and lightning storms with heavy rains and winds with these said pool covers.

But a well-configured solution manufactured by Anchor Industries versus a hastily applied compromise can make the all the difference. We at Anchor Inc. are here to help each customer do his best to protect their pool during the winter season.

One of the biggest benefits of a well-configured pool cover is not just protection from a tragedy. It is simply about protecting the water. Stagnant fresh water develops bacteria and other organisms during the winter but a strong, well-positioned covering can enable the water to be treated just before covering and help avoid dilution so that the pool is easier to reopen in the spring.

Swimming Pool Safety CoversEnough about why to do it. Information about options to cover seems a useful table topic to follow. First, solid pool covers meet the need for safety and protection flawlessly. At Anchor Inc., we have a classic pool cover and a 5-star
cover, both made from a vinyl coat fabric that facilitates debris removal and resists tears, rips, weather breakdown, and chlorine. These super strong fabrics resist tears, rips, sun damage, and the effects of chlorine while blocking all sunlight from a pool. The same feature helps prevent algae growth which makes for an easier clean-up in the spring.

The solid covers are treated with antimicrobials to help resist mold and mildew growth plus other odor-causing germs. Mesh pool covers, on the other hand, weigh less, are more easily handled and stored than the solid cover. The mesh cover is designed to help prevent chemical loss from the water, and accidental entry of animals or children.

Contact Anchor Inc. to tell us about your pool and let us find the best solution for you. Through the dealers, we have a turn-key pool cover replacement program if an owner needs a new pool cover.

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