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Windy beaches beget disaster for any activities you’ve planned. Whether you’re setting up a water station for a beach race, a registration stall for a surfing contest, or even just preparing for a family reunion by the beach, you’ll need to anchor your canopy at some point. Beaches are not the best location for erecting a canopy. The sand offers an irregular plane for your canopy’s limbs with limited traction for standard posts, and the open space near the ocean is windier than most other sites. Consider employing these beach-friendly solutions to secure your canopy in place.

A 5-gallon Bucket Suspended from Your Canopy

When suspended from your canopy’s head, a 5-gallon bucket makes a great weight. To avoid spilling any sand during severe winds, ensure all your buckets have tightly-secured lids. Each canopy leg will require one bucket, as well as a carabiner to secure the canopy to the bucket. Fill the bucket with sand, and secure the lid. Once you’re at the beach, hang it from a fully straight bar near the canopy’s leg. Check with your manufacturer before employing this method to ensure that the canopy construction can endure a weight of about 50 pounds. A hole will be bored in the corners of some canopy constructions expressly for connecting hung weights.

Stakes Can Be Made Out of Rebar

A few rebar lengths can be used as heavy-duty pegs for your canopy. On a sandy beach, 3′ lengths of rebar will suffice. The rebar will be able to grab wetter, more compact sand deeper on the beach as a result of this. For each leg of your canopy, you’ll need two stakes. You might wish to bend the end of the rebar into an L shape before leaving the house. Two lengths of tubing with an internal diameter large enough to fit around your rebar can be used for this. The last 5″-6″ should be bent at a 90-degree angle to the rest of the pipe. Using a mallet, strike the rebar into the sand on the beach in the same way you would if you were using canopy stakes.

Sandbags Should Be Tied to Tent Legs

Sandbags are a quick and easy way to add weight to the supports on your canopy. For each canopy leg, you’ll need a couple of plastic feed bags of two gallons each and two lengths of rope four feet apiece. Put sand in each bag you’re at the beach. Make sure there’s enough room in the bag for it to bend comfortably over your tent’s leg. Wrap a rope across one filled bag and wrap it around a canopy leg. Wrap the second bag over the same leg, overlapping the first bag’s opening and securing the end with your other rope.

Get The Right Tools for The Job With Anchor Industries

When securing your canopy in an unstable and windy area, you should rely on a combination of strategies to avoid any mishaps. 

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