Toscana by Anchor Value Proposition

What does a pergola system do?

In the realm of modern design, Toscana by Anchor pergola systems have emerged as a revolutionary new method of shade while offering functionality, innovation, and a modern aesthetic appeal. These updated versions of a traditional pergola have taken outdoor living to new heights, offering an array of features and benefits. Keep reading to explore the wonders of Toscana by Anchor pergola systems and how they can transform your outdoor space to an oasis you’ll never want to leave.


One of the defining characteristics of the Toscana by Anchor Pergola system begins with the sleek and minimalist design. It is built with clean lines and offers 2 different styles: louvered and fabric. The louvers allow you to control the amount of sunlight and shade that enters your outdoor space, providing shade during hot summer days or allowing sunlight to filter through during the cooler seasons. It functions similar to a blind, except it’s nearly horizontal. The fabric option allows the pergola to either be opened or closed, creating the perfect environment for relaxation, dining, or entertainment.


With the Toscana by Anchor pergolas, there are many installation possibilities. You can have it installed between walls option, wall mounted option, or a self-standing. The Pergolam and Pergostar Plus pergolas come equip with gutters to make sure water has the correct exit path and doesn’t reck havoc on the structure itself.


Why is our Toscana Pergola system unique?


  1. Stainless steel hardware

Toscana by Anchor Pergolas are built with quality that lasts. They are entirely made of powder coated aluminum profiles and stainless-steel hardware.


  1. Hidden nuts and bolts

There are no visible nuts or bolts on any pergola styles, leaving an ultra-clean and seamless design. The availability of different styles, finishes, colors, and material options further enhances the customization possibilities, ensuring your pergola reflects into your outdoor aesthetic.


  1. LED lights with unlimited color options

Our Pergolam system incorporates lighting and technology which elevates the outdoor experience. The Pergolam has incorporated LED lighting into the structure, creating a spectacular ambiance in the evenings. These lights can be dimmed or adjusted to suit your preference based on your mood and the time of the evening.


  1. Alexa enabled features

“Hey Alexa, open my pergola.” Yes, it’s that simple. With a simple push of a button on your remote control and Alexa enabled (Pergolam only), you can open and close, as well as adjust the angle of the louvers, providing shade during hot summer days or allowing sunlight to filter through during cooler seasons. This flexibility enables you to create the perfect environment for relaxation, dining, or entertainment, regardless of the weather conditions. If you’re wanting this feature for the Pergostar—don’t worry, it’s coming soon!

Why buy Anchor?

Founded over 130 years ago, Anchor is a family owned and operated business priding themselves on quality from the start. Known as the world leader in tents, shade structures, clear span, awnings, pool covers, and fire shelters, Anchor’s has received many awards such as best manufacturer, best customer service, and best innovative designs. Surely, working with an award winning, family-owned company would be of interest to you.


In conclusion, modern pergola systems have redefined the concept of outdoor living, seamlessly blending functionality, innovation, and style. With sleek designs, adjustable louvers, various fabric options, integrated lighting technology, and enhanced protection from the elements, Toscana by Anchor pergolas elevate your outdoor space to a whole new level. By embracing the wonders of modern pergola systems, you can create a versatile, inviting space that embraces contemporary design while offering a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience. So, step into the world of modern design pergolas and unlock the true potential of your outdoor living space with Toscana by Anchor.


Anchor has a bias towards seeped with the shortest lead times in the industry—normally 2 weeks. We’re not sure that the Anchor Pergola System is for everybody, but we’re 100% sure that the Anchor Pergola System is worth your time to learn more about. We may be just the product you’re looking for.

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