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Adding strong and appealing shade structures to your outdoor recreation facility such as waterparks, amusement parks, and ballparks will offer your guests a vast range of benefits and ensure they stay on as loyal customers for many years to come.

FUNbrellas Shades 

As an integral part of design and function, Umbrella Shade Structures shield not just the community in which these are placed but also your outdoor recreation decor for years. Umbrella shades will offer shade protection while decorating the physical surroundings. Anchor FUNbrellas are composed of sturdy aluminum and painted steel frames, and they come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics you can choose from, including acrylics and tops with breathable mesh.

  • FUNbrella Classic

The FUNbrella® Classic is a retractable, exceptionally robust umbrella that can survive a variety of severe weather situations because of its high wind rating. It serves as a permanent gigantic shade structure. The FUNbrella® Classic’s substantial size makes it ideal for a wide range of uses. It is available in 12′ and 20′ sizes to accommodate a variety of customers’ demands. It is simple to hoist and lower because of its sturdy and long-lasting structure.

  • FUNbrella Palm

The FUNbrella® Palm is a sizable, non-retractable shade structure made with a high-density polyethylene base material. Due to its durability, it is perfect for usage in public spaces like parks, schools, and swimming pools. The FUNbrella® Palm has a high wind rating and, when open, can endure wind gusts of up to 85 mph for three seconds. The rafters and beams are constructed of sturdy metal, and it is available in the typical size of 20′.

  • FUNbrella Shark

Since it has the same structure as the FUNbrella® Classic, you can change out the tops whenever you choose to have a new appearance each season. When closed and fastened, the FUNbrella® Shark has a high wind rating and can resist 3-second wind gust rates of up to 90 mph. It is available in 12′ and 20′ variants.

PERFECTSHADE Shade Structures

Anchor PERFECTSHADE® deflect up to 95 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays and can endure wind gusts of up to 90 mph. In addition to improving UV protection, it also uses a robust base plate and anchoring bolts to provide enhanced comfort to users.

There are endless color combinations to pick from with over 28 color options available. Our shade cloth textiles are made from UV-stabilized woven acrylic fabric of the highest quality, providing the ideal balance of maximum sun protection, toughness, and durability. Additionally, we provide 10 different color options for our UV Mesh shade cloth. 

Quality Commercial Shade Structures at Anchor Industries

We take pleasure in providing top-notch designed shade canopies and structures for a range of outdoor locations at Anchor Industries. We specialize in developing cutting-edge shade solutions that provide our clients’ protection from the harsh outside elements of mother nature. Shade structures for waterparks, ballparks or amusement parks safeguard not only the community in which they are situated but also your investment in outdoor enjoyment for years to come. Contact us today to find out more!

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