Transform Your Business with Toscana by Anchor

Founded in Indiana more than 130 years ago, Anchor was built on a foundation of exceptional design, manufacturing, and service. These attributes are brought to life every day through meticulous processes that ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship in every product, from start to finish.

Add our versatile pergolas to your solutions portfolio:

  • Provide the best solutions for your customers
  • Tap into a growing market for outdoor living & entertainment spaces
  • Diversify and enhance your product offerings
  • stay at the front of industry trends
  • grow your per project revenue and expand into new customer segments

As you transform your business, we’ll stand beside you each step of the way.


Features and Benefits

  • Custom sizes & configurations
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • No visible nuts and bolts
  • LED lights
  • Contemporary designs
  • Hidden motor & hardware
  • Weather sensors
  • Easy Installation
  • Engineered to ASTM 7-16
  • Warranty

Become A Dealer

We have everything you need to succeed. When you join the Anchor Outdoor Dealer Network, you aren’t just selling a product, you’re gaining a partner in your business transformation. We’re here to help you succeed.

Dealer Resources Available:

  • Showroom Demo pergolas at discounted rates
  • Paint and fabric swatches for your sales team
  • Starter set of printed marketing collateral
  • Access to digital marketing assets
  • Sales and service team members ready to help
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Pergolam™ is a louvered-roof pergola built with powder coated aluminum profiles and stainless steel hardware. With louver rotation from 0 to 150, you can control the amount of shade and breeze flowing through your outdoor space. When closed, the interlocking louvers protect you and your guests from the elements.

Enjoy the modern beauty of Pergolam™, designed so that hardware and electronic components are hidden from view. Choose white or RGB lights for your louvers, perimeter gutters, and posts to build your own outdoor oasis. It’s luxury outdoor living at its finest.


Pergostar Plus™

Pergostar Plus is a sloped, weatherproof retractable fabric-roof pergola made of powder coated aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and heavy-duty vinyl fabric. Extend the fabric roof for protection. Fully retract the roof to enjoy the open air.

The built-in gutter ensures rainwater drains through the posts, and spotlights enhance the outdoor ambiance. Redefine outdoor living with the addition of the Pergostar Plus to create your custom outdoor space.

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Pergostar Romano™

Pergostar Romano™ is a flat, retractable fabric-roof pergola made of powder coater aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and heavy-duty vinyl fabric. The Romano™ is engineered to drain the water off the fabric on the side of your choosing. With a zero degree slope, it’s a perfect option when you don’t have much free height for installation.

The Romano™ maintains the Toscana by Anchor ™ signature high-end design, with no visible screws or cables. Enhance your outdoor space with this entry-level motorized retractable pergola, without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.