Toscana Pergolas

Toscana by Anchor

Toscana Pergolas

Anchor Industries is proud to make the announcement of the launch of the unique Retractable Pergola. These retractable structures all have distinct installation techniques since they can be standardly customized to all of our clients’ demands, situations, and criteria. We have pergolas that may be modified to meet your specific requirements. These ground-breaking pergolas will elevate your outdoor area to the next level. Transform your outdoor space into an indoor area anytime you like with the stylish Retractable Pergola. Look no further than Anchor Industries for your retractable pergola needs.

Retractable Pergola also comes with a lighting system to help illuminate the indoor space. The one-of-a-kind LED lighting system is entirely uniform in terms of light transmission and energy usage. This device comes in a number of colors and can be used with a dimmer to regulate the strength of light. Simply control the color and intensity of light with the dimmer to adjust the atmosphere and mood with convenience.

Are you interested in becoming a dealer for Retractable Pergola? We have a limit on our number of dealers, so be sure to seize this opportunity.

Toscana by Anchor

Retractable Pergola Features and Benefits

  • Retractable LED lighting system
  • The controllable light intensity with a dimmer
  • Color-changing lights
  • Uniform light transmission and energy consumption
  • Transforms an outdoor space into an indoor area
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Made with high quality and durable materials
  • Engineered to perfection
  • Custom dimensions available

If you have any questions about ordering our Retractable Pergola, feel free to contact us today.

Retractable Pergolas Options

PERGOSTAR PLUS_banner_3_edited

PergoStar Plus

Are you looking for a stylish yet versatile pergola to beautify or enhance your outdoor space? The Pergostar Plus is a stunning choice for any outdoor venue needs such as alfresco dining for restaurants or a cozy space for your home. With our customization options, such as mobile phone operation for motors and lights, the Pergostar Plus is guaranteed to convert your outdoor area into an exquisite but weatherproof venue.


PergoStar Romano

Pergostar Romano is a flat retractable roof pergola entirely made of powder coated aluminum, stainless steel hardware and heavy-duty vinyl canvas. The Pergostar Romano has no visible screws
or cables, and features a 0 degree slope being a perfect option when we do not have much free height for installation.



Do you want to install a weatherproof pergola to your outdoor space which also allows for more light and breeze to enter? The Pergolam is a one-of-a-kind solution for your patio or deck roofing needs that is guaranteed to enhance your outdoor space with its elegant yet functional structures.