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If you are hosting an event in a location where there is a pool, one of the most important safety measures you would want to take is covering the pool. Apart from protecting the pool from specks of dirt or any form of contamination, pool covering is also a great way to ensure the safety of the attendees by preventing accidental drowning.

Finding a suitable pool cover can pose some challenges due to the design and shape of the pool you are trying to cover, as pools can come in different unique designs and shapes. If the pool has a unique shape, finding the right pool cover can truly be difficult, but not impossible. Here are some tips for covering unique pool shapes.

Have a Professional Measure Your Pool

Before you start looking for a pool cover, you need to measure your pool carefully. This is especially important if you have an irregular-shaped pool. Measure the length and width of the pool, as well as any curves or angles. It is essential to get accurate measurements so that you can find a pool cover that fits your pool properly. Getting your pool professionally measured by your pool cover provider can ensure that no errors are made.

Consider a Custom Cover

If you have a unique pool shape, you may need to consider a custom shaped pool cover. A custom cover will be designed specifically for your pool and will ensure that it fits perfectly. For example, if your pool is kidney-shaped, you would want to look for a kidney-shaped pool cover.

You can work with a pool cover specialist who will take precise measurements and create a cover that fits your pool’s unique shape.

Look for a Flexible Cover

A flexible pool cover is an excellent option for pools with unique shapes. These covers can be customized to fit the shape of your pool, regardless of how irregular it is. A flexible cover is made of a durable material that can stretch and adjust to fit any shape. This type of cover is also easy to install and remove.

Look for a Manual Cover

A manual pool cover is a great option if you have a unique pool shape. These covers are easy to install and remove, and you can customize them to fit the shape of your pool. A manual cover is also an affordable option compared to other types of covers, but you will need to be able to handle it manually.

Consider the Material and Your Budget

If your uniquely-shaped pool sits in a location where precipitation is common, you might want to go with a solid pool cover. Our solid pool covers are constructed using 14 oz. vinyl coated fabric with heavy-duty springs that stretch to accommodate the weight of winter precipitation. Alternatively, a mesh pool cover made of durable polypropylene fabric is a great option if you’re on a budget and have a larger pool to cover.

Check for Safety Features

When selecting a pool cover, safety is an essential consideration. Make sure that the cover you choose has adequate safety features. This is important if you have children or pets, to avoid accidental drowning. Look for a cover such as our 5-Star Solid Safety Pool Covers that is strong enough to support weight, has locking mechanisms, and is easy to remove in case of an emergency.

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