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Have you been tasked with planning a party? It could be something small and intimate, involving family and friends. It might be something on a larger scale such as a corporate or community event. It could be just about any get-together involving any number of people.

The use of pole tents for parties goes back years and years. Since ancient times, in fact, coverings have sheltered event participants from the sun’s blasting rays and inclement weather. Even all those centuries ago, party planners knew the significance of having an event out-of-doors versus indoors. Though times have changed, it’s still more fun to celebrate outside than in a cramped, stuffy indoor space.

Would a pole tent be right for your next event? To find out, consider the following.

Strengthen Coverage

Pole tents, thanks to their stakes, tie downs, and poles, cover much larger areas and offer more strength than some basic frame tents used for parties. Additionally, their wind resistance is exceptional.


There is a classical, beautiful appearance to parties that take place under pole tents. They’re perfect for graduations, parties, watching fireworks, for fairs, church gatherings, revivals, car sales, wedding events, and more. With their sweeping lines and beautiful peaks, an elegant look is provided by these tents. Anywhere that anchors and stakes can be driven into the ground, these tents can be used. An outdoor space should be considered for any party or gathering worth having. It gives a special quality to any event.

The Poles

Some people are put off by the poles in this type of tent. Don’t be. They can actually prove utilitarian to help section off different areas under the tent. One area, for example, could be devoted to food while another to live music and a dance floor. Yet another area might be specified for seating, play area for kids, and what have you.

The poles are also great places to tie balloons and hang other decorations. String lights from pole to pole to kick your party up a notch and illuminate the space once the sun goes down. The options are only as limited as your imagination.

Cost and Set Up

Compared to frame tents, if you want to save money, pole tents are usually less expensive. Replacement parts are relatively interchangeable, as well. If you own a number of tents, and something breaks on one, you can probably grab the part from a different tent and have it work out just fine.

What’s more, the time you will spend erecting a pole tent can be considerably less than with some frame versions. Also compared to frame tents, only about 1/3 of the people and time are required.


You can use a small trailer or pickup truck to transport a medium- to small-sized pole tent. For the most part, they are easier to move around than frame tents.

Frame Tents

If you are hesitant to go with a pole tent for your next party, a frame tent could be the answer. There are numerous sizes and styles available. In addition to a top covering, many are sidewall adaptable.

Pole Tents, Frame Tents, and More for Parties and Other Events

Anchor Industries Inc. can provide pole tents or frame tents for your next party. We bring years of experience, offer a vast array of available products and brands, and employ several hundred skilled individuals as part of our team.

Find your sales rep on our interactive map to contact us about our service, products, and more.

If you’d like to find out more, contact one of our helpful staff members today. Our phone number is 812-867-2421.

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