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Choosing the right frame tent can be a painstaking process. If you don’t have the best frame tent supplier, you could find yourself settling for designs and sizes that aren’t quite right for your needs. Rather than compromise, why not just go directly to the most trusted manufacturer in the United States?

Anchor Inc. is one of the oldest tent manufacturers in America. Our design and engineering expertise means we can develop efficient solutions suitable for the demands of today’s event management and tent hiring industries.

Before you invest in frame tents for commercial use, consider three unique options from Anchor Inc. for events of all sizes.

Fiesta® Tents for Simple Installation

In the event and hiring industry, durability and flexibility is demanded. The investment you make in commercial frame tents should provide many years of return. The best tents are those that you’ll be able to use for a range of events and projects. Fiesta® Frame Tents are some of the absolute best for meeting your demands.

Interchangeable and modular components, simple setup and teardown, incredible strength and durability, and versatility all make for an excellent cost-effective investment.

Our Fiesta® tents aim for a contemporary and clean design. They’re just as suitable for weddings and family reunions as they are for corporate events and even trade shows. Standard one-piece top widths range from 10’ to 30’ wide, giving you plenty of flexibility depending on your business and your clientele.

Fiesta® models can be ordered in a high peak system for an elegant showstopping look. Great for weddings and other high-end events, some of our most popular units can be converted with simple hardware and a high peak top.

Fiesta® Expandable Tents for Unrivaled Versatility

Anchor-Industries-Tent-Frame-CenturyFrame-20w-img-5The Fiesta® expandable system can be customized to meet your demands. Add or remove frame components to suit any project and make the most of your inventory. For hiring businesses, this is one of the most efficient tent systems that will provide an incredible return over many years of usage.

Our expanding sections eliminate center poles in even some of the largest structures. This makes them perfect for dance floors, wedding receptions, fashion shows, or even large trade events.

Fiesta ® tents can be ordered in custom colors, and our vinyl laminated fabrics will protect against fading from UV exposure. They’re also naturally resistant to mildew and leakage, as well as fire.

Provide a safe environment for every guest when you choose some of the best frame tents for sale in the industry.

Simple Modular Beauty with Century® Frame Tents

Fiesta Frame TentPicture a beautiful outdoor location dotted with high peaked frame tents that house guests, catering, and all of the day’s activities. Some event managers can find that modern tents don’t quite provide the aesthetic they’re looking for. A more traditional tent is sometimes called for.

The Century® Frame Tent from Anchor Inc. is the perfect solution when you want historically inspired elegance and style. The system is modular, allowing you to join multiple tents with watertight guttering. Graceful peaks make for dramatic visuals in any setting.

With no interior poles, these commercial frame tents maximize space and beauty. A sliding sidewall system makes for quick and easy installation, with DIY installation a possibility.

Perfect for a hiring company or a professional event management firm, these are some of the most beautiful frame tents for weddings available today.

When you want standout aesthetics for very special events, make sure you consider the Century® range.

Explore All of Your Options with a Leading Frame Tent Manufacturer

We’ve explored just three types of industry-leading frame tents available to buy today. There’s much more on offer, including multi-story tents and Navi-Trac® tents (Navi-Track) for long term installation.

When you demand the highest quality, flexibility, and the best prices, Anchor Industries can deliver. Our expertise has led to some of the most efficient and versatile designs in the industry, allowing you to maximize your investment and make an impact on your clients.

View all our models available today and discover your next investment. Contact us for ordering and pricing information.

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