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Frame tents are staple products in the tent industry that provide open, unobstructed space for your small, medium, or large-sized events. These versatile tents are available in hip, gable, and hex ends as well as high peak options.

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Anchor has merged the beautiful high peak curves from our Century tension tents and the easy installation from our F3 model making the F3 High Peak the latest and greatest. Combining these two models with a competitive price point makes this an irresistible choice for your tenting needs.

Anchor Industries


Anchor’s Century Frame Tent features graceful peaks and curves, uninterrupted covered space via a cable supported center pole, and frame tent stability. Its strong anodized aluminum beam frames have few parts to transport or store. A unique, water-tight guttering system joins multiple Century Frame tents together for larger accommodations and keder-style walls offer a weather tight finish.

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F3 is the most innovative track frame tent available, defined by simplicity, strength, elegance, and value. Strong yet light fluted extrusion with three keder tracks give an elegant appearance with an accessory track in every frame member. F-Stop latches require no tools or pins providing a safe and easy junction point. Interchangeable parts across sizes simplify logistics.

  • Clean, open sightlines, no cables or braces, even with gable ends.
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If you are looking for an event tent that is expandable to meet your ever-changing needs, then we recommend that you add the Fiesta® Expandable to your list of considerations. With 4 different dimensions of expandable widths, you will surely be able to find one that meets your requirements. This is also particularly helpful for rental companies who might require tents of different sizes for different events.

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Fiesta Frame Tents are a field proven success and an industry favorite for more than 45 years because of their interchangeable frame components, tough construction, and superior quality fabrics.

  • One-piece or expandable tops.
  • Quick-to-assemble, corrosion-resistant aluminum tubing and hardware.
  • Fiesta Pavilion eliminates rain gutter problems near buildings and is ideal for patios, decks, swimming pools,
    restaurants, etc.
  • Fiesta Marquee connects tents to any type of structure, creates dramatic entrances, can be used to cover stairways,
    and can navigate turns up to 90°.
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Perfect for creating dramatic entryways, the Fiesta® Marquee protects entrances, exits, walkways, and even stairways from unwanted weather conditions. Constructed with vinyl laminated polyester material that is resistant to mildew, fire, and leakage, you can have peace of mind when it comes to safety.

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The Fiesta® Pavilion serves as an elegant shelter for outdoor events, perfect for use alongside sales booths, swimming pools, patios, decks, and others alike. When inclement weather approaches, guests can seek shelter and comfort in the Fiesta® Pavilion. With 3 different pavilion widths you can choose from, there is sure to be one that is of the perfect size to generously accommodate your guests.

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The Navi-Trac Frame Tent System is the most versatile in its class. Navi-Trac incorporates modular construction in which fabric panels slide through channeled beams for faster, simplified installations, a smooth, weather-tight fit, and maximum stability. Navi-Trac Frame Tents are solid investments for a renter’s frame tent inventory.

  • The best features of the Navi-Trac were adapted to the smaller Navi-Trac Lite with its versatile 20′ or 30′ structure.
  • Navi-Trac Lite Bow Marquee creates unique walkways and entrances or can serve as a stand-alone unit with
    easy-to-install keder fabric panels.
  • Navi-Trac Lite Pavilion provides a frame structure that can be used for extending the climate controlled
    space of an existing building.
  • Walls for the Navi-Trac and Navi-Trac Lite are interchangeable.
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Marquees are simply ideal for special events such as corporate events or even wedding ceremonies. Marquees have the ability to create a special atmosphere and allow you to turn your dream plans into reality, almost akin to having a blank canvas venue for you to work around and play with.

Navi Lite Pavilion


The smaller Navi-Trac® Lite Pavilion is a wonderful solution to create additional space as well as the perfect atmosphere for your parties. Attaching the Pavilion to an existing building will allow you to add a buffet, bar, and conversation areas for the event.

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By adding the Navi-Trac® walls, you will have a structure that is completely enclosed. The keepers and wall bars secure the sidewalls to the frame, which reduces the chance of water or wind entering the structure.