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You know how many people to invite to your party. The problem is, you are setting up things outdoors. While you are so excited about being the host of that event, you are at the same time nervous about the entire idea. You have questioned yourself many times if a 20 x 20 tent is enough to cover you and your guest’s needs for the occasion. That said, let us answer that question.

The Answer is Not as Simple as You Think

You are hoping you can measure the number of persons the tent can cover by just considering how many can be accommodated per square feet. There are other factors to consider though. For instance, are you using frame tents or pole tents? There are more poles in pole tents thus the space can be limited to fewer than the frame tents may accommodate. Will you use rectangular or round tables?

Your setup will also affect the number. For instance, you plan of putting a dance floor inside or you are thinking of dividing one corner to a band. That means you need to consider the equipment that goes with the design layout, and that can definitely impact the answer to the above question.

Using 20 x 20 Pole Tents with 60-Inch Round Tables

If you have this option in mind, then you can fit four tables in the space with eight guests gathering around each table. That, in total, will mean there are 32 guests that can fit in the entire space. There is even enough space left for a gift or cake table. This setup is best for a small formal gathering, and is ideal if you want to make sure your guests can easily communicate with each other.

Using 20 x 20 Pole Tents With 8-Foot Rectangle Tables

For this setup, you can fit six tables inside the tent, and leave room for 48 guests to occupy the entire venue. That means eight guests can gather round each table, the same ratio of 8:1 if you use 60-inch round tables. This is most ideal for birthday and graduation parties.

Rectangle or Round Tables: Which is the Best Option?

Just by looking at the above scenarios, you already know that using rectangular tables is better than using round tables because the venue can accommodate more tables, and more guests, as calculated. Note that it really does not matter if you go for pole or frame tents because there is not much effect regardless of your choice between these two types. Imagine sitting more people with the same tent size, then you know you can work out on inviting more to your event.

But of course, we leave the final decision to you. There is nothing wrong if you use round tables too, most especially if you are hosting an intimate and formal gathering. As long as your choice suits your budget and other requirements, you will never go wrong. It is a matter of choosing the right company to work with.

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