A Style Guide for Rental Wedding Tents and Party Tents

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The events management and commercial tent hiring businesses are highly competitive. Knowing the best solution for any project can help you to close deals and increase your bottom line. Whether you manage events outright, or if you provide a commercial tent hiring business, you’ll need to know the most popular styles of today that can be used for mid and large-scale events.

Party and wedding tents not only need to be practical, but they also need to be attractive. A tent that presents well can elevate any event. In the management and hiring business, you’ll also need tents to be durable so that you can maximize the return on your investment.

Before you purchase any new inventory, make sure you’re familiar with the most popular wedding tents used today.

Tension Wedding Tents

Wedding Tents

Tension wedding tents provide a very familiar style with peaked tops that look great for weddings and parties. Tension tents are known for their interior space, eye catching design, and excellent value.

Tension tents are perfect if you need a solution that is cost effective yet eye catching for special events. Tension tents can be installed on both grass and solid surfaces with the use of guy ropes, straps, and stakes. The exact solution will depend on the project. Please see the IFAI staking guide for details.

Tension tents, sheer top tents, and pole tents all utilize center poles, which is something that you’ll need to keep in mind. If you want the largest usable floor space without any interference, then a frame tent or clear span is recommended.

Sheer Top Tents for Unforgettable Weddings and Parties

Some wedding tents clearly stand above the others. Standard tension wedding tents are perfect for most events. But when you need something truly exceptional, there are models like the Anchor Industries Aurora.

Sheer top tents have gorgeous peaks that are immediately identifiable. They are reminiscent of classic sailcloth canopies.

A pure white canopy on an Aurora tent makes the perfect high-end wedding tent. If you want to secure event or rental contracts from the most discerning customers, then this is one model that you’ll want to take a closer look at.

Some tension wedding tents don’t provide complete weather proofing, but this isn’t the case with a tent like Aurora. The WeatherShield™ system protects against wind and rain without compromising the unique aesthetic.

Aurora is an exclusive design of Anchor Industries, one of America’s leading wedding tent suppliers.

Pole Wedding Tents for Small Scale Events

Pole tents are typically unassuming, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t perfect for some events. Pole tents are manufactured with high quality canopies that will withstand environmental stresses including wind and moisture.

Pole tents are typically quite affordable and custom sizes can be manufactured quickly. If you need a large wedding tent inventory for an event or rental business, then pole tents may be the ideal solution.

Pole tents range in size from small backyard tents, to large tents up to 30’ width and pole tents can be customized with window walls that allow for the creation of high-end interiors and exteriors.

Frame Wedding Tents for Large Events

Frame tents are the go-to wedding tents for sale, used at the largest events by the most discerning clientele. Frame tents are stable and can be erected for days or even months in the right conditions. Frame tents are suitable for purpose-built wedding venues and can serve as semi-permanent structures.

Tent with Anchor Industries

These tents often feature contemporary canopies that are low profile and designed to effortlessly blend in with the surrounding environment, however, there are models with high peak canopies that are similar to pole tents. The Century® Frame Tent is a notable example.

Some frame tents are modular with interchangeable components, making them perfect for tent hiring businesses. The Fiesta® Frame Tent offers high end style without compromising on flexibility.

Find Your Ideal Tent with Anchor Industries

There’s no ‘perfect’ wedding tent for every occasion. The right wedding tent for you depends on the needs of your business and your clientele.

Anchor Industries offers an extensive selection of frame, pole, tension, and sheer top tents that can make the difference between ordinary events and unforgettable moments.

Explore the complete range from one of America’s most trusted wedding tent manufacturers.