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While air conditioning can effectively cool a commercial clear top tent in even the warmest conditions, the cost of doing so can be prohibitive for some events. You don’t want your guests to be sweaty and uncomfortable, but you also want to get the best return on your investment while minimizing costs.

There are ways to cool your tent without using air conditioning, and some of them will cost almost nothing if you get your planning right.

Whether you use tents for weddings and private events, or larger trade shows and commercial events, these tips will help you to keep temperatures down.

Try to Avoid Asphalt and Paved Surfaces

Asphalt, concrete, and paving stones, etc. might seem ideal for setting up a clear top tent. These surfaces do provide an effective base for commercial event flooring, but they can also store heat and radiate it throughout the day and into the evening. If possible, set up your tent on soft turf.

Position Your Event Under Some Shade

Clear Top TentsClear top tents offer an expansive transparent canopy that is visually impressive during the day and even more so in the evenings. However, the very nature of these tents means that they can collect and store heat, almost like a greenhouse.

Your best defense against an uncomfortable tent is shade. Set up your tent beneath a canopy of trees or in the shadow of an idyllic building. Choose sites based on the shade that is available. If you are running a day event and don’t have access to shade, consider hanging ceiling drapes to block out as much UV radiation and heat as possible.

Focus on Circulation When Designing Your Layout

Layout and cooling are directly linked. If you design a tent layout that blocks ventilation and entryways, you’ll trap warm and moist air inside. Instead, try to design a tent layout that allows optimum airflow. Your main aisle should run along from the main door, allowing warm air to pass through and escape. Keep guest seating away from heat sources such as audio-visual equipment, cooking equipment, and lighting, etc.

It’s also important to use the right tent for the event. If you use a tent that’s small and overcrowded it will become almost impossible to maintain a comfortable interior.

Install Ceiling Fans in Your Clear Top Tents

Ceiling fans will be easy to install if you’re working with a stage-style mounting system in your clear top tent. A few ceiling fans placed along the centerline of a tent will keep air circulating throughout the day. Even if fans don’t cool the air, any form of movement will be more comfortable than a still, humid, and sticky commercial tent.

Use Freestanding Floor Fans

Floor fans are a necessity inside any clear top tent. They improve circulation while reducing overall temperature. Floor fans can also help to eliminate condensation that can develop without adequate ventilation.

Use high-quality commercial fans to enjoy the best performance and longest return on your investment. Look for units that incorporate sturdy frames or even full roll cages.

Don’t overlook safety when placing your floor fans. To prevent damage or injury, place floor fans away from aisles and high traffic areas.

Invest in an Evaporative Cooler

Clear Top TentsIf you host events in a dry climate you could purchase or rent evaporative coolers to keep guests comfortable.

These devices are more affordable to run than air conditioning units, making them ideal for improving your bottom line. Air conditioners recirculate the same air within a tent. Evaporative coolers bring in a steady stream of fresh air, while warm air is released through natural ventilation around doors and mesh sidewalls.

The energy you can save with an evaporative cooler is not trivial. Most high-efficiency units use just 25% of the power of an air conditioner.

The only downside is that you won’t be able to rely on evaporative cooling in humid environments. If this method doesn’t suit your event, simply follow the previous tips to improve comfort and reduce ambient air temperature.

Enjoy the Benefits of Clear Top Tents While Keeping Cool in the Summer

There are still a few good weeks of summer left in the United States. Events season is in full swing, so you’ll need to make sure that you can keep guests comfortable. Build the best brand image and make the right impression by cooling your Anchor Industries tent throughout the warmer months of the year.

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