Fiesta® Frame Tent


Over the decades, Fiesta Frame Tents have earned a reputation for easy handling, strong, interchangeable components, and a higher yield on investment than other conventional frame systems.

Very popular for weddings and parties, Fiesta Frame Tents are a staple in any tent renter’s inventory. These versatile tents are your go-to resource for reliable performance, superior materials, and cost-effective installations for any event.

Fiesta tops are made of mildew-resistant, flame-retardant vinyl laminated fabrics that are easy to keep looking clean. Installation is easy, letting you keep up with your customer’s expanding guest list. Standard Fiesta tops and walls are white, but colors are available for beautiful design options.

Create unforgettable, customized spaces that will add joy to life’s happiest moments with Anchor’s versatile Fiesta Frame Tents. Happy customers and satisfied event planners mean repeat business and higher return on your investment, year after year.

Fiesta Standard Widths (ONE-PIECE TOPS):

• 10’ wide
• 12’ wide
• 14’ wide
• 16’ wide
• 18’ wide
• 20’ wide
• 30’ wide

Fiesta Expandable (MULTI-PIECE TOPS):

With the Fiesta Expandable Frame Tent, you can expand to fit the demand! Fiesta Expandable features the same tough construction of the one-piece Fiesta while enabling you to take your event to new lengths. Tops lace together and utilize existing frame components to make a small inventory suddenly larger for more seating, dancing, and entertainment that is unobstructed by center poles.

  • 10’ Fiesta Expandable – Expands in 10’ sections
  • 16’ Fiesta Expandable – Expands in 8’ sections
  • 20’ Fiesta Expandable – Expands in 10’ sections
  • 30’ Fiesta Expandable – Expands in 10’ & 15’ sections

Fiesta Features & Benefits:

  • Corrosion resistant 1¾” anodized aluminum tubing
  • Quick-assembly frames combined with aluminum castings
  • One-piece and expandable tops available in 18 oz. blockout or 18 oz. translucent vinyl
  • Vinyl laminated polyester fabrics manufactured to resist fire, fading, mildew, and leakage
  • Frames include 30” steel stakes and 10” nail stakes
  • Assembly kits allow versatile, customized setups for any event
  • Variety of custom color options available

Fiesta High Peak

A Fiesta High Peak option is also available. Add conversion hardware and a high peak top to give your Fiesta an elegant new look. High peak conversion is available for 10’ x 10’, 20’ x 20’, 20’ x 30’, and 20’ x 40’ units.

Fiesta Accessories

Fiesta has a complete line of options and accessories that are as unique and flexible as the tent itself. Customize with gable or hip ends and adjustable tent leg options. Add smooth or gathered liners to create ambiance and mask special effect wiring and lighting. Incorporate tent sidewalls that are solid white, clear, mesh, cathedral window style, or French window style. For a door option, install Anchor’s lightweight, all-aluminum Commodoor. Digitally printed or hand-painted tent top graphics draw notice at events. Available for quick, safe installation assistance are tools such as the Anchor Stake Out and Fiesta Frame Lift.