Anchor raised the bar with Aurora, a sheer top tension tent that positively glows. The 32’ wide single pole expandable Aurora is the newest offering in Anchor’s sheer top line-up, which also includes Auroras in widths of 45’ and 59’ (twin pole expandable). Aurora marries the essence of the sailcloth tent’s appeal with renowned quality and engineering expertise. The result is enhanced protection and security that give a rental company peace of mind and ecstatic clients. Leg spacing is 10’ and aluminum or wooden side pole packages are available.

Aurora is more than a fair weather tent thanks to the ability to seal tent walls to the tent top. Our revolutionary, patent-pending WeatherShield™ wall to eave sealing technology, named a 2015 IFAI Innovation Award winner, eliminates the gaps that let in wind and rain without the need for a valence or any other visual disturbance to the characteristic clean, sharp catenary eave line. The WeatherShield seal requires the use of Anchor WeatherShield walls; however, all Aurora tents include a wall rope to allow the use of standard tent walls. The nautical touches of the tent are complete with flags offered in either blue or white ripstop nylon.


32′, 45′ & 59′