Why Should You Use Tents For Sporting Events?

Though there are numerous stadiums and other indoor locations for sporting events, watching your favorite sport outdoors can be enjoyable and exciting. Though inclement weather may be part of that scenario in some locations, it may be more agreeable to be protected from whatever Mother Nature deals out. This can be particularly applicable for sporting events that last for extended durations.

Sporting event tents can offer the excitement and fun of an outdoor event while still protecting the patrons and players from the elements. But is a large tent right for your sporting event? Remember that these types of tents provide protection for more than just players and attendees. They also help guard food, sound equipment, seating, and more from inclement weather.

Not convinced? Here are three good reasons to use sporting event tents…

Easy Deployment

Today, tents, awnings, and even enclosures are easier to deploy. Within a matter of hours, tents can be set up. However, it depends on the size of the tent.

What’s more, if a tent proves to be too small for the task at hand, marquees or mids can be added to increase the current tent size.


What may or may not occur to sporting event hosts is that the success of their event could well depend on the comfort of those in attendance. You may experience low attendance if the weather is uncooperative and you don’t provide a protective, comfortable environment. Also protected from the weather, depending on your event, the following can be included:

  • Sensitive sound equipment
  • Tables and chairs for dining
  • Food/vendor offerings (buffets, serving tables, food trucks, etc.)

Climate Control

When hosting an outdoor event, climate control could be one of the biggest reasons to use a tent. When ordering a tent, consider side walls to keep the inside environment warmer and free from wind. Even without walls, tents help keep rain off of the playing field, attendees, teams, etc.

Remarkably, HVAC equipment can be used in tents to cool an enclosed environment. At the other end of the spectrum, heaters can be used if it’s particularly cold outside.

Clear Span Structures

More effectively than traditional tents, greater weather protection and space improvement is offered by hosting events using clear span structures. With their comprehensive protection and strong structural components, they are perfect for hosting large weddings and/or sporting events.

Clear span structures are long-lasting, versatile, and can handle even the largest storage, commercial, or event needs. Products in the Expo Series can be used for short-term or long-term applications and are currently being seen at sporting events, warehousing, trade shows, corporate hospitality, and other special events. Including assembly and production applications, the H-Line Series can provide maximum space.

Fiesta Marquee

Protect stairways, entrances, exits, and walkways from the elements – as well as providing a dramatic entryway – with the Fiesta Marquees. If you have an assortment of tented events, this is also a great way to connect them. They resist leakage, mildew, fading, and fire thanks to their vinyl laminated polyester.

Fiesta Marquees come in the following selections:

  • 10 feet wide
  • 9 feet wide
  • 6 feet wide
  • 90° corner model
  • 45° corner model
  • Steep stair model

Tents and Other Structures for Sporting Events

When it comes to sporting event tents and/or tents for weddings and other outdoor occasions, Anchor Industries Inc. is your go-to manufacturer. Not only do we carry tents, enclosures, and awnings for outdoor events such as corporate functions, birthday parties, sporting games, and more, we also offer specialty products for social distancing in the workplace.

Contact one of our helpful staff members today if you’d like to find out more about our products or acquire any of them.