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Patio pergolas are a great way to make the most out of your backyard. If you enjoy relaxing in your backyard but the weather often gets in the way, you may find that a pergola is a versatile way to get around the problem. Given the fact that pergolas are increasingly popular, here are some reasons why a patio pergola may transform your backyard.

What Is a Pergola?

A pergola consists of four vertical columns that feature a set of horizontal beams running at the top of the structure. Pergolas are primarily meant to provide shade from the sunlight without entirely blocking all the sun rays or even the view of the sky. By filtering the sun rays, you get to enjoy cool moments in your backyard without having to worry about sunburns. Patio pergolas are ideal when you desire to spend extended periods in your backyard (such as when reading a book or entertaining guests) without suffering from sun exposure. Pergolas are usually semi-permanent structures as they need to be strong enough to withstand weather changes. 

Having understood what patio pergolas are, here are some of the benefits of having one.

Greater Utility of Your Patio

If you are like most Americans, then your backyard may be unusable during very wet weather or very hot weather. This leaves just a slight window where you can enjoy your patio and backyard to the fullest. Pergolas help you overcome that problem by ensuring that hot weather does not limit your moments of relaxation in your backyard. By filtering sun rays, you get to spend more time enjoying the outdoors or entertaining guests.

Increases Living Space

If you happen to live in a small house, you may find it hard to entertain guests or even have some space to yourself. Patio pergolas help you to increase the living space in your house, giving you an alternative space to host parties or relax. This is especially useful if you live with other people and would like to have some moments of privacy and quiet.

Adds Color to Your Backyard

The columns and beams that frame your patio pergola can hold climbing plants, which in turn will help make your backyard colorful. By planting the right kind of climbing plants, you can also increase your pergola’s ability to filter out sun rays as the climbing plants can be extended to the roof. 

Improves the View

If you live in an urban setting and would like to block the sight of other buildings around you, a patio pergola is a great way to achieve this. The roof and structure of the pergola allow you to enjoy your backyard and may even enhance your privacy.

Increase Property Value

Pergolas are a great way to increase the value of your house. If you are thinking of selling your home in the future, you should consider adding a pergola to your patio. You are likely to find out that the cost of installing your patio pergola is likely to be far lower than the increase in the value of your house. This is besides the fact that you will also derive utility value from the patio pergola.

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