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A pool cover is a necessity throughout the colder months of the year. When the swimming season ends, you’ll need to protect your pool and keep your outdoor living area safe. One of the biggest decisions faced by homeowners is choosing between mesh pool covers and solid vinyl equivalents.

Both materials have advantages and disadvantages, so there’s no clear-cut answer for every scenario. To make the right investment for your pool, it’s important to learn about both.

Solid Vinyl Inground Pool Covers

Pool CoversLet’s first take a look at solid vinyl covers. These are usually the premium choice for both homes and businesses. High-quality vinyl covers, like those made at Anchor Industries, can last for ten years or more when properly cared for.

The biggest advantage of using a solid vinyl cover is that there will be no sunlight allowed to pass through to the water. This is a crucial point because it can prevent algae growth when the weather starts to warm. This could reduce your cleaning needs when the seasons change.

Solid covers prevent dirty water from entering the pool. This helps to keep the water clean when it’s not in use. You could reduce your reliance on chemicals and your pool filter, simply by choosing a vinyl cover.

Solid covers are also a bit heavier, so you’ll need someone around to help when installing and removing the cover. For commercial pools with staff on hand, this won’t be a problem. It might be something that you will want to think about when buying a cover for home use.

Mesh Pool Covers for Home and Commercial Use

Mesh covers are immediately attractive because they’re a more affordable option. But when it comes to benefits and downsides, there’s a lot to consider.

Pool CoversMesh inground pool covers can last up to 15 years when cared for. This gives them a slight advantage over vinyl covers. You won’t need to use a submersible pump on top of a mesh cover, because any rainwater will easily be able to penetrate the material.

Mesh covers are a lighter option than vinyl covers, so they’re easier to handle. Even for a large pool, a mesh cover can usually be installed by one person.

The downside is that because a mesh cover isn’t watertight, you’ll have water passing through to your pool. This could increase your cleaning demands when the seasons change. Mesh covers also allow a very small amount of sunlight to penetrate, so you could have a little more algae when the winter is over. Again, this will increase your cleaning demands.

There are exceptions to some of these points. For example, look at the premium Anchor Defender® swimming pool safety covers. The mesh design blocks 98% of light, reducing algae growth in warmer weather.

Manufacturer and design are just as important as the materials used.

Make the Right Choice with Anchor Industries Pool Covers

You’ve made an investment in your pool and your home. Now it’s time to invest in a high-quality pool cover. Anchor Industries offers the highest quality pool covers in 14 oz. vinyl and custom mesh.

Our vinyl is coated, not laminated, so it’s more durable. A limited 10-year warranty on our high-quality covers will give you confidence knowing that you’ll be able to protect your pool for many years to come.

Our mesh covers also come with innovations for your convenience. Covers are easy to maintain and install, and we add webbing for a strong and flat surface that looks great. Our meshes come with a 12-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Explore a range of the highest quality American pool covers at Anchor Industries.

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