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To reduce the risk of spreading infection, hospitals and healthcare facilities across the United States are erecting temporary coronavirus (COVID-19) testing tents.

In many cases, patients who have already been pre-screened by their local health department or doctor pull up alongside the tent and are checked in by hospital staff. They are then escorted inside the coronavirus testing tent, where their vital signs are checked and a nasal swab is taken. People are sent home with self-quarantine information, and tests come back in about 24 to 48 hours.

Tents for COVID-19 testing are proving to be good options for hospitals that are looking to decrease the spread of the virus, as well as alleviate overcrowding inside hospitals.

One of the most affordable and flexible solutions is using a clear span structure for COVID-19 testing. You can set up a clear span structure almost anywhere, and these unique structures will withstand inclement weather.

Create a Custom Medical Testing Tent

By investing in a modular commercial tent – such as a clear span structure – you will have complete freedom to create a floor plan and layout that suits a hospital’s needs for COVID-19 testing. You could even link multiple tent structures with marquee walkways that are fully covered both by a canopy and modular wall panels.

Clear Span Structures Can Hold Several Patients

A clear span structure allows you to set up an affordable, large space with excess capacity. With clear span structures, you can maximize space because you won’t have to worry about center poles interfering with your layout. Modern tents and structures are particularly roomy, and some designs can even be air conditioned to provide comfort for people.

With a clear span structure, you’re virtually unrestricted in how much floor space you can create. Our Expo Series and H-Line Series, for example, are designed to handle a large number of people and work well for long- and short-term applications.

Contact Anchor Industries for Coronavirus Testing Tents

Anchor tents and structures are made to exceed the industry certification standards. If you need a medical tent for coronavirus testing, contact Anchor Industries today.

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