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To meet the influx of patients who need to be tested for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), many hospitals and medical facilities are erecting tents including clear span tent structures outside their facilities. Clear span tents provide hospitals with additional space to test and screen patients for COVID-19 without admitting them inside the hospital, where they can put patients and hospital personnel at risk of catching the coronavirus.

At Anchor Industries, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality tents since 1892 and are one of the leading tent producers in the United States. If you’d like more information about our clear span tents for testing and screening, contact Anchor Industries at 877-788-1247 for more information.

We feature clear tents in all sizes depending on your healthcare facility’s needs. These functional tents are also weather resistant and better alternatives to traditional pole tents.

Clear Span Tents for COVID-19 Testing and Screening

As your seasoned and reputable clear span tent manufacturer, Anchor Industries, Inc. stands by all our durable and versatile products. Clear span tents are made from durable and flexible materials and leave ample room for  patients, nurses and doctors, as well as medical supplies and equipment tables. These units are as close to permanent structures as possible and continue to receive great industry ratings and customer reviews. Here are some more reasons why clear span tents are a good choice for coronavirus testing and screening.

  • Clear span tents are designed to withstand heavy winds, rain and especially harmful UV rays – keeping patients and hospital staff safe from the elements. These medical tents can also stand for extended periods of time to test patients for the coronavirus disease for several weeks or months.
  • Hospital tents are made from fire-resistant materials and lightweight alloys. This guarantees optimal safety for nurses and patients.
  • Clear span tents can be used year round.
  • These units are assembled from the ground level. This eliminates the need for installation teams and expensive equipment that can lead to unnecessary out of pocket expenses.

Venue Series Clear Span Tent for Medical Testing

As your clear span tent supplier, we recommend the Venue Series for short- and long-term usage. Venue Series tents use anodized aluminum for a structure with low maintenance vinyl wall panels. This ensures durability, longevity and overall performance. Venue Series tents are available in widths from 9M to 18M and 4M uprights. This offers spacious interiors and optimal space for lighting.

Contact Anchor about Medical Tents for COVID-19 Testing and Screening

Clear span tents are HVAC efficient and guaranteed to keep hospital staff and patients comfortable. These units offer better flexibility with widths up to 25M. You can also enhance these structures with single or double doors, along with hard and glass walls.

As the premier high-end structure, this tent is utilized by country clubs, outdoor caterers and other professionals across a “span” of industries. But they’ve also proven to be a good choice for hospitals and medical facilities across the country as they look for additional space for COVID-19 testing and screening.

For more information on clear span tents, simply contact Anchor Industries today or visit our website.

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