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On sunny days, many Americans head to their nearest park for some outdoor recreational activities. Some enjoy sports like baseball, football, or soccer and others enjoy swimming or simply going for a walk to enjoy some fresh air. Nowadays, parents try anything to get their children off their electronic devices and out to a park to play and get some exercise. Moving our bodies every day is very important but, as we know, too much exposure to the sun is not healthy for anyone. When it comes to being safe while we play outside at the same, there isn’t one simple solution. But, a great way to enhance your local parks and provide shelter from too much sun exposure is by adding some shade structures to the parks. These structures can range from permanent umbrellas to canopies and even cabanas. 

Why Shade Structures?

The better question would be, “Why not have a shade structure?” Shade is something that many look for when they go to their local parks especially if they live in states like Florida, Texas, and California where the sun can get pretty extremely hot and at times unbearable. Offering shade in your local parks will promote better attendance of your residents that come to your local parks to utilize and enjoy your facilities. Shade structures provide a safe environment out of the sun while still enjoying the great outdoors. Commercial shade structures can be the solution to your lack of shade problem. 

What Shade Structure Fits Your Facility Best?

All local parks come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. But, they all have one goal, and that is providing their attendees the best possible experience when they visit the facility. Of course, most parks offer a community center where activities can be done inside. However, shade and comfort should also be available on the outside of the facility. Offering a shaded structure option outside will bring in attendees of all generations. This will bring a sense of community to any local park facility allowing Grandma and Grandpa to come watch their grandchildren compete at the swim meet or allow a mom to bring her newborn while she watches little Johnny play at his soccer finals. There are three different shade structures that you can install at your facility that will be functional and give it a top of the line look. Now, all you have to do is pick which one best fits your park facility. Not to worry, we are here to guide you every step of the way. 

Permanent Umbrellas

When you think of umbrellas, you might think of those that are placed by the pools to provide shade or that they are so light that they can fly away with a brisk wind. Anchor Industries offers the FUNbrellas® which provides you with stylish and functional options to best fit your facility. These umbrellas are durable and easy to maintain. They also come in three options FUNbrella® Classic, FUNbrella® Palm, and FUNbrella® Shark. The Classic and the Shark models are retractable and the tops can be interchanged because they use the same frame. These permanent umbrellas are all tested for safety and can withstand harsh weather conditions when secured. Making this shade structure option affordable to maintain throughout the years. It also provides your facility a look and feel of high-quality structures enhancing the aesthetics. Entire families can gather around these umbrellas because they cover the same area equivalent to seven regular pool umbrellas. This provides your residents the chance to enjoy your amenities such as a community pool or splash pad for a longer period of time, especially during those hot summer days.


Nowadays, park facilities are versatile and include a variety of amenities and activities for all generations to visit and enjoy. Shade structures are used for much more than just near the water amenities such as Olympic pools, lazy rivers, and splash pads. Another great shade structure is the canopies which provide UV protection in a sleek design and may be placed by any sportsfield such as a baseball field, volleyball court, and even an outdoor basketball court. These canopies provide shade from the sun and cool down the area under it. Canopies are a great option to provide recreational athletes, families, and game viers with a comfortable environment to be able to enjoy any game. Anchor Industries offers the PERFECTSHADE™ commercial canopies that are ideal for installing near any field or recreational use area. This shade structure consists of heavy-duty posts and UV mesh fabric. The posts are secured to a base made out of concrete and bolted down and can withstand 90 to 115 wind gusts, depending on the size of the structure. The choice is easy, providing these canopies around the park facility recreational area will raise attendance to all events and activities. Again, providing the possibility to all ages to enjoy your park facility.

The Perfect Environment

Offering and promoting outdoor activities makes any park facility the ideal location for family gatherings and obtaining that sense of community. Parks can be the heart of any residential area, but, the “perfect environment” must be created in order to attract all ages. As we know the sun and exposure the UV light can cause health issues, but not moving our bodies can also bring some disease. As a park facility, you may offer protection from the sun and a comfortable cooler environment for all generations to enjoy the outdoors by installing commercial shade structures. Let us help you find the right design for your facility. 

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