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More than the food, alcohol, and interaction with the community, guests will probably seek to return to enjoy a bar session much more when they receive first-rate customer service. Delivering excellent customer service involves creating a warm ambiance.

Stock Levels

The last occurrence you seek during a bar night is a short supply of drinks. Stocking your bar extends beyond filling your back bar cooler with loads of spirits, beer, and wine. Track the reserves of your top drinks, patronized times, and dynamic business shifts. If you want to alter your menu with new items, take a “test phase” to assess the salability of food and drink items. Keep track of trends.

Do not fail to keep all your bar supplies in perfect form. Buy an ideal size or model of back bar refrigerator to cool down, save, and put drinks on display. Set up your bar with speed rails and shakers to advance service on packed evenings. Over the summertime, store blenders in the bar. Thrill all guests with suitable glassware, such as beer, shot, martini, or more drink tumblers. Add on the garnishes. Get discounts by obtaining bulk supplies of seasonings that include olives, rimming salt, and sugar, cherries.

Fill Glasses With Style

Reduce expenses with measured jiggers’ pourers and densely based glassware. Take measured pourers or jiggers to ensure mixed drinks remain in a constant supply. Jiggers are ideal equipment for new bartenders to measure alcohol reserves quickly. Measured liquor pourers render it convenient to check all portions or halt all spillage to lower the risk of wasted drinks. Provide clients with a continuous supply of drinks and do not waste inventory by pouring excess drinks.

Minor alterations to your glassware can also save a lot in alcohol supply catering. Select densely based glasses; their base density implies you do not need to pour as much wine to fill up glasses relative to conventionally based glassware, which helps you to save in the long term. A thick-based glass lends a chic look to bar countertops.

Host Live Music, Happy Hour 

Draw in a packed crowd by hosting monthly, weekly or seasonal events in your bar. Though the happy hour is the preference, opt for hosting alternate parties: Speed dating, Trivia, sports playoff games, dart and pool games, open mic evenings, and karaoke. By setting out routine activities, you will not merely bring in regulars but open bar gates to crowds seeking to find new thrills at your bar.

Schedule your special nights with specific, targeted times to push up traffic: the post-work corporate guests, weekend brunch, and the pregame arrangements before, over. or following a big sporting bash. Set a happy hour with just a menu that puts discounts on items that yield a high-profit margin, group discounts, snacks, or chosen driver coupons. Vouchers (like tokens or coupons) are a good incentive for bar guests to draw them back. Hosting a thrilling, happy hour involves some marketing talent. Social Media is a great way to publicize your parties. Also, try to get your Happy Hour and other events published in the online and print media in the town.

Offer Something for Everyone

Do not fail to offer the designated drivers! Alcohol-free selections are not confined to only soda or water. Concoct mocktails, smoothies, Italian sodas, gourmet coffee, frappe, and more. If you host a bustling open bar, provide discounts or toss freebies to designated drivers.

Install Pergolas 

Installing a pergola will definitely take your outdoor bar to the next level and raise the standard. An outdoor bar with a pergola offers more than just lovely aesthetics—it also provides a permeable layer of protection for your customers during light rain. Anchor offers several options for our clients, ranging from more conventional pergolas to even retractable pergolas whose louvers are operated by a remote control.

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