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The need for tent hospitals has grown substantially since the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease in the United States. Anchor Industries has a wide range of clear span tents that can serve hospitals and healthcare facilities as they look for additional room for COVID-19 testing and treating patients with the disease.

Erecting a COVID-19 tent hospital in the parking lot of a hospital alleviates overcrowding and protects patients and hospital staff inside from being infected with COVID-19. Our tents can also serve as field hospitals for local governments and medical facilities. Field hospitals can be set up in parks or other open areas in large cities where room is minimal near local hospitals.

Anchor Industries has manufactured tents since 1892 and is one of the United States’ leading producers of tent structures, including a variety of models of clear span tents. Contact Anchor Industries at 877-788-1247 for more information about how our tents can provide additional hospital space for COVID-19 treatment.

Event Series Tents from Anchor Industries

If you’re looking for a highly durable tent that can be erected outside a hospital or health facility for several weeks or months, you could consider the Event Series. Manufactured using the highest quality aluminum and vinyl/fabric materials, the Event Series is durable. Widths are configurable from 10M up to 25M, while uprights are offered in standard 3M, 3.5M and 4M heights.

Expo Series Tents from Anchor and Röder

The expo series offers more space and customization options to hold a large number of patients and hospital staff. Standard widths are 20M and 30M. Our engineers have decades of collective experience, and we can design bespoke solutions to meet your medical needs.

The Expo Series can be fitted with glass windows and hard walls for long-term installation. You can expand vertically with a 2-story design that will give you more space over your standard footprint.

Solution Series Temporary Medical Structures Without Compromises

Does your hospital or medical facility need temporary structures for long-term installation? The Solution Series is a good choice for hospitals that need additional space for the foreseeable future.

These clear span structures are highly customizable and can be made to order. Standard widths range from 10M to 30M, and you can choose the perfect length to suit your needs on site.

Contact Anchor Industries about Our Selection of Tent Hospitals

Our clear span solutions go beyond the average frame tent. They’re sturdier, more visually impressive and they can be configured to meet your hospital’s needs. The highest quality components and materials will ensure a long return on your investment.

Trust the industry’s leading tent and temporary structure manufacturer. Contact Anchor Industries to learn more about how our products can help hospitals and medical facilities with additional space for testing and treating coronavirus patients.

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