Why Clear Span Tents Are Perfect as Large Temporary Structures

Clear span tents

You need a special solution when hosting large events. Open floor plans, a structure to withstand the elements and standout aesthetics are all necessary to make a real impact. For corporate events, sporting events, expos or high-end private events like weddings and other celebrations, using clear span tents as large temporary structures could be the perfect solution.

A noticeable upgrade from standard frame tents, aluminum frame structures can elevate your event in several ways. Before you make a significant investment, consider the benefits of these tent structures. From presentation to durability, these are the top reasons why these tents are ideal for large short-term installations.

Higher Uprights for More Impressive Events

Standard frame tents are great for mid-sized events, but they might not provide the aesthetic or the functionality that you’re looking for in every scenario. Aluminum frame tents can be configured with larger uprights up to four meters, providing more impressive interior spaces that are comparable to permanent structures. For private events like weddings, trade shows, concerts, productions or even special events like fashion shows, the increased interior volume can make a huge difference.

Higher uprights could also provide the coverage that you need for large events, with tents that are able to cover everything from courts to swimming pools.

If you need tents that provide an impressive sense of scale that is usually limited to permanent tent structures, it’s time to consider clear span tents.

Sturdier Structural Components for Long-Term Installation

A large, clear span structure is engineered from the highest-quality components to ensure structural stability, safety and full code compliance. The stability of these large structures can make it possible to host large events such as commercial concerts, dance parties or even public presentations about product releases and brand launches.

Quality components don’t just provide better stability and safety, they also make it possible to set up clear span tents for long-term installations. If you need a temporary structure but need it to be in place for weeks or even months, clear span is the way to go.

These structures can even be used for warehousing and other temporary storage needs – offering cost-effective solutions.

Enhanced Flooring Options When You Choose Clear Span Tents

Traditional tent designs can limit your flooring choices. Particularly in the case of pole tents, the interior can be difficult to finish with standard industrial or commercial flooring. Because clear span tents are fully supported by a frame with no center poles, it’s possible to install consistent flooring throughout the entire structure. Raised flooring, dance floors, engineered wood flooring and other solutions are all suitable for installation inside the  structure.

Enhanced flooring options mean that you can achieve the perfect balance of beauty and functionality in any situation. For rental businesses, the flexibility of flooring choices could increase competition and provide a better return on investment.

Sizes to Meet the Needs of Any Event

Manufacturers can provide structures that go beyond other solutions. Double-decker structures, large open structures with mezzanine floors and large multi-module connected structures are all possible.

Some of the largest solutions, such as the Anchor-Röder Expo Series, can offer widths up to 30 meters, making it possible to host even the largest events for short- or long-term installation. Entire expos and trade shows can be hosted within a single solution from a single manufacturer, cutting down the costs and complexity of setting up such events.

If you’ve struggled to meet specifications in the past because your tents were lacking in size or flexibility, the largest clear span structures will open new business opportunities.

Explore Solutions from a Top Clear Span Tent Manufacturer

Clear span tents can provide solutions where other tents struggle. Anchor Industries Inc. is the leading American manufacturer when you need the largest structures with absolutely no compromises.

Through decades of collective engineering expertise and collaboration with leading international firms such as Röder, we can offer the most innovative temporary structure solutions for events of any size. Contact us today to order. We have custom fabrication options available to suit your needs.