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The most successful tent rental businesses provide options. While you don’t want to overstock on your inventory and miss out on a reasonable return on your investment, you should aim to carry the most popular products that will be used for a broad range of events. From private parties and weddings to trade shows and expos, marquee tents can improve your bottom line and give more options to your customers.

Learn what marquee tents are, how they are used, and the unique ways that they could help to secure your future income.

What is a Marquee Tent?

Some businesses use the term marquee to refer to elaborate sheer top tents. At Anchor Industries, marquees are our standalone modular tent solutions for connecting structures, walkways, entryways, and small coverage areas.

Marquees are available in two unique styles.

  • The Fiesta® Marquee is designed to create connections between larger tents, walkways, exits, entrances, and miscellaneous storage areas. Fiesta® Marquee tents can also be used for staircase and gradient coverage. The system is modular with straight and corner options. Widths are customizable in 6, 9, and 10ft. widths.
  • The Navi-Trac® Lite Bow Marquee is our premium option for high-end installations. Unlimited lengths and a standard 10ft. width allows you to create the perfect structures for entrances and exits, walkways, catering stands, and anything else that suits your project.

Either option can complement your current frame and pole tent inventory. You’ll enjoy more flexibility in hiring contracts and complete event management.

Five Ways Marquees Can Make Your Tent Hiring Business More Successful

Customers demand options. Marquee tents for sale allow you to provide more flexibility and versatility on every contract.

  • Marquee tents are the ideal solution for tented events that will use portable air conditioning systems. Marquees can be set up alongside main tents to shelter HVAC equipment, generators, and other equipment.
  • Marquee tents create impressive walkways and entrances for high-end events where visual impact is important. Think tented fashion shows, weddings, awards ceremonies, and corporate events. A marquee walkway is a perfect spot for a red carpet and photo opportunities. It will provide shelter from the elements leading from a carpark or main building.
  • Marquees are perfect for catering stands at large events. A 10ft. width marquee provides ample space for a large serving table and cooking equipment. These tents are popular at fairs and farmers markets, flea markets, outdoor festivals, and large private events that have refreshment stands strategically placed around the venue. Customers will look for reliable yet affordable solutions for their small coverage needs. Keeping marquee tents in your inventory can allow you to deliver on their expectations.
  • Marquees are ideal for linking frame tents at large events. Consider a client that wants to design a layout for a trade expo. Each themed tent will include different exhibitors with similar product lines. Marquees give expo attendees a convenient way to get from one section to another. They also help to guide traffic, solving one of the key logistical challenges of hosting a large event. Having isolated tents without cover and walkways can lead to a chaotic experience. Marquees ensure that this doesn’t happen.
  • Marquees are perfect for affordable one-off hires for special events. Take a sports team as an example. They could set up marquees trackside for team seating between competitive events. Marquees could also be used for temporary storage outside a larger permanent venue.

The options are virtually limitless, but they all have something in common. They help you to meet the unique needs of your market, strengthening your business model and your bottom line.

The Best Marquee Tent Supplier in America

To get the best return on your investment, you will need a marquee tent supplier that builds systems that last.

Anchor Industries is a leader in the tent industry. We design and engineer long lasting marquees that stand up to wind, rain, and intense sunlight. Because our systems are modular, you can easily incorporate them into your inventory and offer them for rent along with a larger frame or pole tents.

Marquees offer more flexibility, so you’ll never have to tell a potential customer that you can’t find a solution. Explore the range of Anchor tents today and invest in products that can help your business to grow.

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