America’s Best Clear Span Tents for Sale

When size and presentation are critical, clear span tents are the ideal solution. These tents are the largest available for sale and rental, and they offer superior weather protection when compared to traditional pole tents. If you require a tent for event management and hosting, or if you offer tents for rental, quality clear span options absolutely need to be in your inventory.

When you demand the highest quality and class-leading aesthetics, clear span tents for sale at Anchor Industries cannot be equaled.

The Benefits of Clear Span Tents

Clear Span Tents for SaleThere are extensive benefits to choosing clear span tents for your event or hiring business. Durability, flexibility of installation, and the best utilization of space are some of the most obvious.

The most important thing to understand about clear span tents is that they are as close to permanent structures as you can get in an easily deployable solution. They resist all weather conditions, including strong wind gusts and rain, and they can stand over extended periods of time for trade expos, sports events, private events, corporate parties, or any time that a reliable and weatherproof structure is necessary.

Made from lightweight alloys and fire-resistant materials, clear span tents can provide excellent safety with full compliance with all temporary enclosure rules. Tents can be assembled from ground level, eliminating the need for expensive equipment or installation teams.

One of the most significant benefits of clear span tents is the space that is available inside. With a complete frame structure, there are no center poles or other supporting mechanisms that can get in the way of interior space. Clear span tents also have a high level of HVAC efficiency, making climate control a possibility so that all guests remain comfortable, no matter the outside weather conditions.

At Anchor Industries we have a range of clear span tents for sale, allowing you to choose the perfect solution for your business.

PZ Party Series Clear Span Tents

Commercial Clear Span TentsFor small parties, industry events, family gatherings, and trade presentations etc., our PZ Party Series tents are the perfect solution. Available in both 2.3M and 3M upright configurations, PZ tents provide excellent flexibility and functionality for any occasion.

The modular nature of these tents means that you can order components and customize the product to meet the needs of your clients. Fabric panels are made from heavy vinyl, and wall configurations are available in solid, clear vinyl, and cathedral window styles.

Standard widths are 6M and 9M, allowing you to order the perfect size at competitive clear span tent prices.

Venue Series – Best Clear Span Tent for Short and Long-Term Usage

Invest in the Venue Series and you will be able to provide your clients with a short or long-term tent solution that is suitable for any trade event, sporting event, or private entertainment event.

Venue Series tents are designed to exacting standards and are engineered using anodized aluminum for structure, and low maintenance vinyl for durable wall panels. Available in a range of widths from 9M right up to 18M, these tents are designed with spacious 4M uprights that are perfect for entertainment events where lighting and other decorations will be installed.

Need Something Even Larger? Consider Event Series Clear Span Tents

Our engineering excellence and quality materials are put to excellent use with our popular Event Series clear span tents.

The Event Series offers even more flexibility with widths up to 25M. Accessories include single and double doors, hard and glass walls for long-term installation and presentation, and we also offer custom design services including graphics, colored fabrics, and liners for draping or concealing interior frames.

The Event Series could help to round out your tent hiring or event business by giving you the perfect high-end structure for country clubs and resorts, sporting events, corporate events, weddings, large parties, and any event where a quality temporary structure is required.

Commercial Clear Span Tents and Structures for Large Scale Events

clear span structuresAs a leading clear span tent manufacturer, we offer solutions throughout the range. Some of our largest structures include the Expo Series and H-Line Series. These can handle the largest commercial events and can also be used for temporary storage.

Expo tents are available with our most popular options including hard walls and glass windows, single and double door configurations, and like our other large commercial clear span tents for sale, they can be color or graphics customized for your branding needs.

H-Line series clear span structures are available in widths up to 60M and are suited to automotive events, large commercial expos, and festivals. H-Line tents can also be used as temporary structures for industry and are useful for housing both assembly and production lines.

Sales representatives are standing by to discuss configuration options and provide you with the latest clear span tent prices.

A Solution for Every Business and Scenario

At Anchor Industries, we have spent more than a century researching, designing, and engineering the absolute best temporary structures in America. Our clear span structures are the culmination of our innovation and passion for excellence.

Contact us today to get up to date clear span tent costs, discuss your business needs, and explore your options.