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Whether you run an indoor farm, greenhouse or just want more space to work with your livestock; there’s no doubt you’ll benefit from clear span structures for farm buildings instead of sticking with traditional building designs. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider adding them to your building plans.

Why Your Farm Building Should Use Clear Span Structures

Versatile Designs

When designing a farm building, you have two main choices: a framed structure or a modular clear span structure. A framed structure is traditionally built with lumber and metal studs. However, its size is limited to what can be transported on roads, and large items need to be disassembled for delivery. If something needs to be added after construction, contractors need to cut new openings into walls or remove pieces of siding or roof panels both of which are time-consuming processes that cost money. Clear span structures offer almost limitless versatility when it comes to design options for both large and small-scale projects.

Natural Ventilation

Whether it is from an open ceiling, high sidewalls, or a combination of both, increased natural ventilation will result in lower costs incurred to cool your building during summer and to heat your building in winter. In North America alone, heating and cooling can account for more than half of a buildings’ total operating costs. Clear span structures allow better airflow from multiple entry points, which results in greater natural ventilation throughout your structure. This translates into lower HVAC costs.

Abundant Natural Lighting

One of the most important features in a commercial building is abundant natural lighting. Clear span structures incorporate generous amounts of glazing to provide an abundance of natural light. Natural lighting increases productivity and can save money on energy costs by using less artificial lighting during daylight hours.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Some agricultural structures can come with 25-year building systems warranties, which significantly increase their overall value. Clear span structures also tend to be more durable than buildings with interior posts and beams, so they can help you avoid costly maintenance expenses over time.

Durable Covers

Not only will your building be durable, but it will also stay clear of dirt and pests. Clear span structures use a solid covering for all your building requirements, meaning that you won’t have to worry about having holes in which bugs can hide or enter through, particularly useful when working with cows, horses, pigs and other farm animals that are known to spread diseases like E-Coli or MRSA. When you want to keep your animals healthy, they mustn’t be exposed to any potential infections. Clear span structures can help you do just that.

Temporary or Permanent

Clear span structures can be designed to be temporary or permanent. If you’re building a shed for storage, for example, you’ll want something easy to take down and put back up. On the other hand, if you’re constructing a barn for livestock, it’s better to make it sturdy enough to stand up against the elements. The best way to do that is with clear span structures. Clear span structures may be more expensive than other types of structures, but they give you maximum strength without sacrificing durability. They also work well as free-standing buildings that don’t require support beams because they can cover any roof space entirely on their own, using modern construction methods and materials.

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