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Having a pool at home makes summers fun, giving you a focal point for outdoor entertainment and relaxation. There are many responsibilities that come with pool ownership. You’ll have to keep your pool safe and protected against unwanted entry, and you’ll need to maintain the water quality. You can even take steps to make your pool more efficient, by limiting the amount of water that is wasted during the summer and off-season.

Swimming pool covers can help you to meet all your responsibilities while providing some unique advantages. Mesh covers are popular and highly durable. Make the right investment by learning the top benefits of mesh safety covers.

1. Mesh Pool Covers Repel Dirt and Debris

Pool cleaning can become a real chore if you are constantly removing dirt and debris throughout the swimming season. If you leave your pool uncovered over the winter, then your cleaning requirements will only increase.

Using a cover will reduce cleaning needs, while also limiting the workload on your pool filter and pump. A cover will also limit UV exposure, significantly reducing algae growth. Defender® Mesh from Anchor Industries block 98% of light, keeping algae growth at negligible levels.

2. Mesh Custom Pool Covers Will Improve Safety

Accidental pool entry can lead to drowning. It’s your responsibility to keep your pool safe for pets, your family, and neighbors, etc. No matter how secure you think your property is, an uncovered pool is a major liability.
Quality mesh covers will prevent accidental entry, giving you complete peace of mind even when you’re not around your pool.

3. Quality Mesh Pool Covers Will Limit Evaporation

Pool water can evaporate at a surprising rate, depending on where you live in the United States. If you experience moderate to high temperatures in the summer and long sunshine hours, your pool could evaporate at a rate of ¼ Inch every day.

This results in higher water consumption as you top the pool up in an endless cycle. Using a mesh pool cover will limit evaporation. 

4. You’ll Cut Down on Backwashing Your Pool

Backwashing is an effective way to clean out your pool filter, but it’s also a sure way to increase your water consumption. If you want a more environmentally friendly home, you’ll need to reduce the amount of energy and water that you use. A mesh pool cover can help you to do this.
By installing a cover on your pool when it’s not in use, you will limit algae growth as well as debris buildup. This reduces contaminants in your filter and you won’t have to flush your system nearly as often as you would without a cover.

Ready for a Smart Investment? Browse Pool Covers at Anchor Industries

You take pride in your home and its outdoor features. A pool cover isn’t an expense; it’s an investment in the continued safe enjoyment of your pool.

Are you still looking for the killer feature that makes mesh pool covers ideal for your home? Consider three more unique benefits:

  • Precipitation passes through mesh, eliminating the need for a submersible pump on top.
  • Mesh covers last longer than vinyl covers. Options like Defender® Mesh are covered by a limited 12-year warranty.
  • Mesh is lighter than solid vinyl and is easier to handle, making it more convenient for residential use.

Anchor Industries pool covers are engineered to be more durable and more effective than other covers on the market. Advanced design and fabrication methods ensure that you get a long return on your investment while enjoying all the benefits that are inherent to quality mesh pool covers.

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