A Romantic Wedding Party in a Clear Top Tent

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Glittering fairy lights cascade overhead. Beyond them, the stars themselves sparkle through transparent roofing panels. The guests are mesmerized by the setting, the preparation, and the entire event.

What we’re talking about here is a wedding that’s memorable and filled with beauty – just as it should be. With clear top tents, it’s possible to elevate any wedding party and ceremony to a standard that is not usually possible with regular frame tents. Clear tops remove the separation between guests and nature. On a cloudless day, the unobstructed view could open to a canopy of green leaves and blue sky. In the evening, clear top tents take on a truly magical aesthetic.

For unforgettable weddings, it’s hard to find a more fitting solution.

Versatile Clear Top Tents with Unobstructed Interiors

Clear Top TentsClear tops are perfectly suited to installation on frame tents, offering wide open interiors that can facilitate weddings of all sizes.

Open air weddings are a dream of many brides and grooms, but the issue of practicality always comes into play. No matter how much planning goes into a wedding, there always the risk of inclement weather. Clear top tents allow for the look and feel of open-air weddings with all the convenience and peace of mind that comes from a roofed structure. Sunlight streams in during the day, and in the evening the canopy of stars opens above. Guests remain dry and comfortable regardless of the conditions, and the bride and groom will have one less thing to worry about.

Clear top frame tents also offer space that is unparalleled by any other tent. By eliminating center poles, the wedding party area is fully opened to create any kind of floor plan that can be imagined. Seats for a ceremony, a wedding reception, a bar, and even a dance floor could all be contained within clear top tents. For rental companies and events planners, these tents could increase business and customer satisfaction.

There are no downsides to clear top tents. Transparent tent materials are just as durable as their opaque counterparts. Tents can be set up in the same way as standard frame tents. And, with solutions from a leading manufacturer like Anchor Incorporated, it’s possible to gain all the benefits of industry leading designs.

The Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) System for Clear Top Tents

One way that Anchor tents innovate is through the use of the Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) frame system. This is a robust solution that allows a high return on investment and improved convenience and practicality. Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) is a modular system that allows for roof panels to be quickly inserted into a large frame. The time to assemble is much lower than a standard frame tent, which can reduce operational costs.

The fit is perfect and offers maximum stability with a weathertight seal – perfect for weddings and other high-end events.

Because the Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) system is modular, it makes it possible to add new rooms and features to a standard frame tent design. Entryways, bars and catering areas, and even verandas can be quickly added to a modular frame. This makes owning a clear top tent a much more versatile and profitable investment. Tents can be repurposed for any event, whether it’s a wedding, corporate party, or even a commercial entertainment event.

Clear top tents with Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) can also be customized with heavy-duty mounting solutions to add lighting, decorative elements like plants and banners, speakers, or anything else that is required.

Combining transparent tent panels with the Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) system is just one of the ways that Anchor Industries provides class-leading solutions.

The Perfect Investment for Competitive Tent Rental

Any business that offers rental tents will find intense competition in the public market. Having unique features could attract more customers and ensure repeat business. The romance and beauty offered by clear top tents will give any rental company an advantage over the competition.

Anchor Industries is a leading clear top tent supplier, ready to provide you with the modular solutions that you need to grow your business. Our clear top Navi-Trac® (Navi-Track) tents are available in standard widths up to 50’, and unlimited lengths to suit your needs. Contact us today to discuss customization options and place your order.