How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Tent

Your most special day deserves an equally special setting for the ceremony. There is now more flexibility in terms of wedding venues than ever before. Whether you want to host a quirky backyard reception or a luxurious wedding at an idyllic location, you’ll find that the only real obstacle to the perfect day is finding a location that can accommodate all your guests.

Maybe you’ve found the perfect outdoor location, but the closest event hall is miles away. Do you simply give up on your dream wedding and compromise with the next best choice?

Absolutely not…

Even the most isolated outdoor location can become the perfect wedding venue if you get your planning right. Most importantly, you’ll need to find a wedding tent.

Wedding Tents Make Any Location a High-End Event Venue

Wedding TentWith a wedding tent, you can set up almost anywhere that you want, as long as you have permission and the right kind of permit. You won’t have to compromise at all, so your idyllic natural backdrop can become a central theme of the day.

The best wedding tents are highly configurable, allowing you to get the perfect blend of beauty and function for your needs. Even if you’ve never rented a tent before, it’s not difficult to get started, and the following tips will help you to make the right decision for your big day.

1: Get Permission

Whether you want to have your wedding at a private farm, estate, or a publicly owned space, you will need to get permission before you start planning. Permit requirements can vary from state to state and city to city. Talk to your local city office if you’re unsure of the regulations in your area.

2: Choose the Perfect Wedding Tent

Wedding tent manufacturers offer a range of tent models and styles so that you can get the ideal solution for your needs and your budget.

  • Pole tents are typically smaller and more affordable for purchase and rental, however, there are exceptions with some larger pole tents being available for weddings and other parties. Pole tents are ideal for soft ground installation on any gentle gradient.
  • Frame tents are typically medium or large-sized, and they come with advantages like fast deployment and pack down. Frame tents are arguably more attractive than pole tents, with the option to configure cathedral windows and doors, and clear tops. Frame tents can be used on almost any flat surface but they’re not suitable for slopes. Frame tents are open on the inside without center poles, so they’re often the best choice for weddings and parties.
  • Tension tents are also an option. These are suitable for medium and large-sized events. A tension tent will feature a high peak roof, creating a unique and incredibly beautiful aesthetic. Tension tents are a step up in beauty when compared to frame tents, but they’re not quite as convenient or as easy to set up and pack down.

For most weddings, the choice will be between frame and tension tents. Ultimately, the perfect wedding tent for you depends on the location, your budget, and the specific aesthetic that you have in mind.

3: Find a Tent Vendor or Events Planner

wedding tentFor events planners and rental companies, wedding tent prices are extremely reasonable. These businesses can enjoy a long return on investment, especially if they regularly book weddings and other events.

However, for your own needs, buying a wedding tent probably isn’t the best idea. Instead, you can rely on a local tent or events company. A tent rental company will provide tent delivery and installation, whereas an events organizer will take care of the tent as well as all aspects of your catering, decorating, music, staffing, etc.

If you’re already working with a wedding planner then you can go straight for the tent rental company. If you’re planning your own wedding, then it would make sense to work with an event company. You will be able to leverage their expertise and a large network of ancillary service providers.

Where are the Best Wedding Tents Made?

Whether you rent or go through a special events company, you should insist on the best possible tent for the most important day of your life.

Anchor Industries is America’s leading wedding tent manufacturer with over a century of experience in the industry. Our tents are made to the highest standards using advanced manufacturing techniques and durable materials. We also offer innovations that make tents more beautiful and user-friendly.

Rental and event companies that offer Anchor Tents do so because they demand quality and reliability. If you want the best for your wedding day, always insist on Anchor products for complete confidence and peace of mind.