Finding the Best Wedding Tents for Hiring and Events Planning

If you are an event hiring specialist, or if you manage events outright from end to end, quality wedding tents will be a necessary part of your inventory. High-quality wedding tents can help to make your business more competitive and could improve your bottom line by helping you to secure the most lucrative contracts.

If you are looking for the best tents with extensive options for any scenario, you can trust Anchor Industries, the best wedding tent manufacturer in America today.

Choosing a Wedding Tent Manufacturer

Wedding Tent ManufacturerNot every wedding tent is created equal. The quality of the tent or tents that you ultimately purchase will be dependent on the company that you choose to work with. Anchor Industries Inc. is a leading manufacturer with vast experience in the industry, and a proven record of creating the highest quality tents that exceed standards for durability, beauty, and practicality.

  • We’ve been operating for over 100 years and our craftsmen have decades of combined experience. Some of our master craftsmen have been designing and building high-quality tents for more than 20 years.
  • Our tents range from small and highly affordable, right up to advanced designs that can make your job easier. You’ll have the freedom to choose a tent based on the needs of your business and the budget that you have available.
  • Regardless of wedding tent prices, we put the same care and passion into every model that we create. From modest tents right up to fully walled modular wedding tents, you’ll find flawless engineering and the absolute best materials.
  • We set the bar for both quality and design. Our tents can help you to differentiate yourself in the hiring or event planning business. With Anchor wedding tents, you could gain an edge on your competition.
  • With innovative systems like Navi-Trac, you can enjoy versatile products that are easier to set up and pack down. This increases the efficiency of your business and could help you to raise profitability.

The wedding tent is a critical aspect of any wedding reception. With the highest quality tents, your clients will have a better experience and your brand will grow stronger. You don’t want to let your clients down, which is why you need tents that you can rely on.

Choose an Anchor Industries wedding tent for sale when you demand the very best.

Options When Choosing Wedding Tents from Anchor Industries

Our options are designed to meet a vast range of scenarios, allowing you to choose the perfect solution for your budget and your needs. Some models incorporate modular features, allowing you to keep an inventory of components so that you can hire or setup the best wedding tents on a case by case basis.

When choosing wedding tents, you will typically be looking at frame tents or tension tents. For the largest weddings, clear span structures could be ideal. You can talk to our dedicated sales team to help you find the perfect solutions for the needs of your business.

Frame and Track Frame Wedding Tents

Wedding TentsFrame tents are a popular option because they are easy to set up and don’t require staking. They are versatile and are suited to virtually any ground surface, including turf. Because you don’t need to worry about staking, setup is relatively quick and easy. Frame tents don’t use center poles like traditional pole marquees or tension tents, which means you can maximize interior space.

At Anchor Industries you will be able to choose both standard and track frame tents. Navi-Trac Frame Tent Systems are highly recommended due to the versatility and simplicity that is offered. Frames can be set up with ease, and panels simply slide through a unique track system for a seamless appearance. Track systems are modular, allowing you to choose the roof and walls that you need for any project. The frame system is also used for mounting decorations and accessories, including hanging plants and lighting.

Wall and roof sections can help you to stand out in your industry, with options like cathedral windows or even clear wedding tents.

The Best Tension Wedding Tents for Sale

Tension tents have a more involved setup process, but the results can be highly impressive. For high-end weddings where your clients demand a traditional and elegant aesthetic, tension tents are often recommended. The soaring canopies are a remarkable sight, and you will leave a lasting impression on your clients and any attendees – the perfect opportunity for generating future business!

Our Aurora Tent is a stunning example of a tensioned pole tent that follows the classic marquee aesthetic.

Don’t Compromise on Your Vision for Beautiful and Durable Wedding Tents

Wedding TentsOur tents are made from the highest quality materials that ensure durability and simple maintenance. For hiring or event management, our tents will save you time and money when it comes to upkeep.

Just as you strive to deliver exceptional services to your clients, you should also demand exceptional tents from a wedding tents manufacturer. Leave nothing up to chance and instead insist on the best wedding tents from Anchor Industries.

Talk to our sales team today to discuss your needs and get recommendations for your inventory. From standard frame tents, track frame tents, pole marquees, and even small tents for DIY hire, we cover every end of the market.

You’ll be making a long-term investment with quality materials and engineering, and lasting beauty to provide the dream weddings that your clients seek. Anchor Industries is the name to remember when you need commercial wedding tents.